RFQ: Help Wanted For Loudoun Made Loudoun Grown Marketplace Strategy

USDA Marketplace strategy

Loudoun Economic Development is looking for ways to improve the Loudoun Made, Loudoun Grown Marketplace e-commerce platform, and is seeking applications from qualified strategy partners.

In 2020, Loudoun County was awarded a grant through the USDA Farmers Market and Local Food Promotion Program to determine the effectiveness of the marketplace.

During the 2021 growing season, Loudoun Economic Development worked with an outside marketing consultant to increase the number of participating vendors using the platform, assist participating vendors with the management of their platform storefronts, and partner with our in-house marketing team to reach consumers.

Before the 2022 growing season, we want to evaluate the platform’s performance to date, survey vendors for strengths and opportunities, and provide a detailed report with recommendations on next steps.

More details are in the full Request for Qualifications, linked below. Anyone interested in submitting a proposal should be aware that Loudoun Economic Development is a department within Loudoun County Government, overseen by the county’s Board of Supervisors, with three community advisory commissions and dozens of community partners.

The Marketplace is a priority rural economic action item as we anticipate several benefits that will result from the e-commerce platform. The USDA funding will assist the county’s efforts to increase the reach and awareness of our Loudoun brand, provide access to local foods in underserved areas and provide new business opportunities in the County such as food delivery services, that may result from a successful Marketplace.

Questions? Please email me today.

Download Full Request for Qualifications


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