Meet Loudoun’s Workforce

Loudoun County businesses draw from one of the most highly-educated workforce talent pools in the United States.

Workforce development is a key focus area for our team, leveraging a diverse network of public, private and non-profit service providers to help connect Loudoun businesses and job seekers.

Those efforts include:

  • Constantly marketing the county for talent attraction;
  • Building the workforce pipeline through recruiting, retention and training efforts;
  • Leveraging education partners (K-12 and higher education) to meet the needs of the workforce;
  • Creating programs that train and grow Loudoun’s labor force;
  • Spotlighting career expos and career opportunities;
  • Leveraging community partners for education and awareness of labor force services.

Community Collaborators

In Loudoun County, you can leverage our network of business, academic, government and community partners that are dedicated fostering opportunities and developing our labor pipeline.

Contact our amazing partners for more information:

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Loudoun Workforce Resource Center Seeker
Northern Virginia Community College

Spotlight on Workforce Innovation

Learn how Loudoun companies and organizations are already using innovative practices to develop our workforce:

cloud computing amazon web services george mason university program

Amazon Web Services Partners with George Mason University

| Workforce Spotlight | No Comments
A year after it rolled out a two-year cloud curriculum-based associate degree program, Amazon Web Services is going back to school.
animal shelter dog puppy pet

Groundbreaking for New Loudoun Animal Shelter

| Workforce Spotlight | No Comments
It will become the first public animal shelter in the U.S. to meet 100 percent of the guidelines established by the Association of Shelter Veterinarians.
siren emergency ambulance first responder

FACT*R Program Provides Critical Supplies, Training to First Responders

| Workforce Spotlight | No Comments
A groundbreaking program is helping first responders save lives.

Digital-Age Job Search Made Easy In Loudoun County

| Workforce Spotlight | No Comments
Learn about the newest and best websites and apps to help with your job search so you can boost your online presence and search like a digital champ.

Workforce Resources and Best Practices

Get the latest information, data and statistics to enrich your hiring or job search process:

Dulles Toll Road Rt. 267 Loudoun County

You Probably Drive Past Your Dream Job Every Day

| Blog, Featured, Workforce Resource | No Comments
You’re still wasting hours commuting, which has been linked to poor physical and mental health. You deserve better: a new job in Loudoun County.
EDAC public information session

Virginia’s Career and Labor Market Information

| Workforce Resource | No Comments
Get the latest Virginia-specific information on topics related to both hiring and career development.
hire loudoun career fair online unversity

Degrees from Online vs. Brick-and-Mortar Schools

| Workforce Resource | No Comments
Employers care more about what you studied and how your education and related experiences equip you for a position.
hire loudoun career fair employee job seeker

Your Company May Be Sacrificing Millions of Dollars

| Workforce Resource | 2 Comments
Are you having issues retaining your employees and engaging them long-term? Well, you're not alone.