Rivana at Innovation Station

Located at the confluence of Route 28 and the Dulles Toll Road in Loudoun County, Virginia, Rivana at Innovation Station will include:

  • A 185,000 square foot retail village;
  • 1.8 million square feet of Class-A office space;
  • 1,954 residential units;
  • A 265-room full-service hotel;
  • A world-class performing arts venue;
  • Two expansive public parks.

Construction of Rivana is expected to commence in the first quarter of 2022 and the project will begin to deliver in 2024.

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Work at Rivana

1.8 million square feet of Class-A office space in Phase 1.

Environmental Vision

“Bucolic urbanism” vision to drive Rivana’s Phase 1 development.

Live at Rivana

Nearly 2,000 multifamily housing units in Phase 1.

Meeting Loudoun’s Vision

A look at how Rivana fits into the county’s 2019 Comprehensive Plan.

Play and Learn at Rivana

A humanized environment that is uniquely Loudoun.

Next Steps for Rivana

A look at the legislative application process and development timelines.

Work at Rivana

Rivana’s 1.8 million square feet of Class-A office will be situated prominently at the edge of Rivana Village and with strong visibility from the Dulles Toll Road and Route 28.

Office tenants will enjoy hotel-quality amenities as well as post-COVID-era design and engineering with advanced filtration systems, upgraded air filters, and enhanced cleaning protocols. Every office building will be built to LEED-certified status. In addition to the energy and amenities of Rivana Village, office tenants will enjoy miles of walking and cycling paths and the 11-acre public park at their doorstep.

Fast Facts:

  • 250,000 square feet delivered in Phase 1A;
  • Post-COVID-era design for the modern business and workforce;
  • Prominent visibility from Route 28 and Dulles Toll Road;
  • Plans for the tallest buildings in Loudoun County;
  • Construction scheduled to begin in the first quarter of 2022 and begin delivery in 2024.

“An attractive option for major corporate users looking for high-quality office space in a post-COVID environment. Highly walkable, adjacent to Metro and just one stop from Dulles International Airport, Rivana sets a new bar for mixed use developments and creates a whole new level of what is #LoudounPossible.”

Buddy RizerExecutive Director, Loudoun Economic Development


“We look forward to delivering superb residences in such a compelling setting, and to doing so in a manner that engages the community and enhances the features inherent to the site. Residents can look forward to a dynamic live/work/play/exist experience that is unmatched in the region, one where you are steps from everything you might possibly want or need, including abundant nature.”

Adam HarbinRegional Development Partner, Hanover Company

Live at Rivana

As proposed, Rivana will encompass nearly 2,000 units of lifestyle apartments that dramatically engage Rivana Village, the Boulder Ridge, and the 11-acre public park. Developed and managed by Hanover Company, the apartments at Rivana will offer residents state-of-the-art amenities, top of-market finishes, and exceptional service.

Rivana at Innovation Station fulfills Loudoun County’s vision in the 2019 Comprehensive Plan for walkable, urban environments around Metro stations.

Fast Facts:

  • 1,954 residential units;
  • Twice as many as originally planned;
  • Six times as many affordable dwelling units as planned;
  • State-of-the-art amenities, top-of-market finishes, and exceptional service;
  • 265-room full-service hotel.


Play and Learn at Rivana

The cultural epicenter of Rivana will be Rivana Village, a bustling, community-focused retail and creative office environment inspired by the communal villages that dot Virginia’s landscape. A total of 17 small, distinct buildings will comprise the village, delivering a fully immersive pedestrian experience filled with discoveries around every corner.

Many of the retail merchants at Rivana Village will be creative, independently owned restaurants and stores showcasing the best of regional culture, including the thriving artisan culture of western Loudoun County. These local merchants will be complemented by a collection of emerging national retail brands.

Fast Facts:

  • A world-class performing arts venue;
  • Region’s largest farmers market;
  • Outdoor amphitheater;
  • Experiential retail;
  • Discussions underway with higher education partners to invest in the site;
  • Creative, independently owned restaurants;
  • Two expansive public parks;
  • Scenic pedestrian walkway;
  • Dog park;
  • Outdoor live music and art festivals;
  • Emerging tech activations and symposiums;
  • Public Wi-Fi and proprietary mobile app.

“Retail is rapidly evolving toward a future where experience is more important than selling space and where culture-building substitutes for leasing. Rivana Village will provide local merchants and cutting-edge brands with an authentic environment where they can take root and become part of the fabric of the community.”

Mark MasinterManaging Member, Open Realty Advisors


Rivana at Innovation Station

“Our vision began with a commitment to preserving what’s already remarkable about the site and a belief that largescale development can harmoniously coexist with natural ecosystems. In the same spirit, we want Rivana to pay tribute to Loudoun County’s special balance of agriculture and urbanism.”

Tristan SimonManaging Partner, Rebees

Environmental Vision for Rivana

Rivana is inspired by a dramatic vision for bucolic urbanism that weaves sustainable mixed-use architecture with expansive public green space into a cohesive and deeply satisfying walking environment designed for highly productive work, holistic wellness, and rich cultural engagement.

The vision was born from the site’s remarkable natural features, which will be preserved and enriched through its development.

The western portion of Rivana will center on a natural swale valley that will be bio-retained to create an 11-acre public park with a live creek, nature trails, playgrounds, a dog park, and an outdoor amphitheater.

To the east, recreationalists will enjoy the Boulder Ridge, a scenic pedestrian walkway running along the top of a dramatic boulder outcropping that connects the Innovation Center Metro station to Rivana Village.


How Rivana at Innovation Station Fits Loudoun’s 2019 Comprehensive Plan

RIVANA has been designed to conform with the Urban Policy Area Goals
for the Loudoun County 2019 Comprehensive Plan:
Phase 1A
Phase 1B

Phase 1C
1. “Ensure walkable development and connectivity to the community; and to transit”XXX
2. “Provide dynamic and diverse public places and amenities within the community;
promote culture and the arts, and concepts like outdoor dining, event space, street fairs,
and public art”
3. “Provide a diverse mix of choices in all development; and a balance of business, commercial
and residential uses; accommodate living, working, shopping, learning, and playing”
4. “Achieve smaller average unit sizes for residences within the urban area”XX
5. “Include transportation hubs that offer a wide array of transportation mode choices
including walking, biking, driving, and transit”
6. “Simultaneously protect valuable environmental resources and provide a network of
publicly available green spaces”
7. “Fulfill daily needs and convenience of residents and employees”XXX
8. “Provide new opportunities for regional employers to locate near a complete urban community”XXX


Next Steps for Rivana at Innovation Station

  • Legislative Application for Rivana

    During the week of April 5, Novais Partners submitted a land use application for Rivana at Innovation Station for review and consideration to Loudoun County.

  • Approval Process for Rivana

    The application will include a Zoning Map Amendment (ZMAP) to align the project with the 2019 Comprehensive Plan, a Special Exception (SPEX) and several Zoning Modifications (ZMODs). The application will go through the full review process.

  • Breaking Ground at Rivana

    Pending approval of the legislative application for Rivana at Innovation Station, Novais plans to break ground on the project in the early part of 2022.

  • Grand Opening at Rivana

    Phase 1A of development for Rivana at Innovation Station will including 250,000 square feet of office space that is scheduled to open for tenants in 2024.

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