Physical Address:
43777 Central Station Drive
Suite 300
Ashburn, VA 20147


Phone: (703) 777-0426


Name Title Email Phone
Bennett, Kristin Business Development Manager Email 703-771-5371
Burnette, Swanka Business Development Manager Email 703-771-5378
David, James Manager of Strategic Initiatives Email 571-258-3530
Gonski, Alex Market Intelligence Manager Email 703-777-0429
Hargan, Steve Senior Business Recruiter Email 703-771-5189
Hinkle, Kellie Agricultural Development Officer Email 703-737-8820
Hoddinott, George Development Process Manager Email 703-737-8274
Hornbaker, Gary Rural Resources Coordinator Email 703-771-5427
Hunter, Chris Business Retention Manager Email 703-777-0479
Kirkpatrick, Lois Media Contact; Marketing & Communications Manager Email 703-737-8385
Lanham, Karen Real Estate Intelligence Manager Email 703-737-8322
McCollar, Bob International Business Development Manager Email 703-737-8954
Morris, Rick Business Development Officer Email 703-737-8386
Mugford, Amy Communications Program Manager Email 571-258-3529
Price, Sarah Business Development Manager Email 703-771-5396
Rizer, Buddy Executive Director Email 703-777-0592
Scoggins, Melanie Rural Retention and Marketing Manager Email 703-771-5187
Scott, Virginia Front-Line Customer Service Representative Email 703-777-0426
Tinsman, Brian Digital Properties Manager Email 703-737-8387
Wagner, Vanessa Small Business, Entrepreneurship Manager Email 703-777-0585
Walls, Cassie Rural Business Development Assistant Email 703-737-8458
Wilson, Shannon Administrative Manager Email 703-777-0590