Hover No More: Drone Innovators Rise to New Heights in Loudoun County

The world is changing rapidly, with business, government and individual customers craving the option of touch-free, automated interaction. This creates opportunities for drone businesses that were unimaginable pre-pandemic, and has accelerated the industry’s growth.

As a UAS/UAV leader, you understand that unmanned success relies heavily on innovation, location and a winning team. All three coordinates intersect in Loudoun County, Va., giving your unmanned business the lift that it needs.

We call this #LoudounPossible success.

Location, Location, Location

At a time when the future of your industry is being regulated in D.C., can you afford to a plane ride away?

Innovative Place to ‘Return to Home’

Utilize our state-of-the-art drone testing facility in the privacy of Western Loudoun.

With You Every Step of the Way

Loudoun Economic Development is a full-service economic development organization, ready to help.

Location: Influence Policymakers, Win Customers

Action beyond your visual line of site can be devastating. At a time when lawmakers in Washington, D.C., are regulating the future of your industry, can you afford to be a plane ride away?

Locating in Loudoun puts you within 25 miles of downtown D.C., close enough to get face time with top officials that shape federal policy. This invaluable access to legislative and regulatory bodies can ensure your future business viability.

This access is also critical for your sales team to sell to the federal government and major government contractors. The COVID-19 outbreak underscored the importance of reshoring manufacturing, bolstering local supply chains, and emphasizing American-made unmanned products.

In addition to having ready access to Beltway decision-makers, you’ll also have access to regional FAA field offices, like the one located in Leesburg, Va. The Washington Air Route Traffic Control Center is also located in Leesburg, expediting flight sequencing across the mid-Atlantic.

Loudoun is a global hub for travel and logistics through Washington-Dulles International Airport, helping you connect a dispersed team and supply chain, or deploy to destinations around the globe.

To give you better access to the region, Loudoun is midway through a $1.26 billion road improvement process and is expanding public transit services to augment the arrival of four D.C. Metro Silver Line stations serving Loudoun in 2022.

DeDrone Chooses Loudoun for Access to Washington, D.C.

Innovation: A Unique Place to ‘Return To Home’

Research and development, manufacturing, testing and sales. Why not do it all in one place?

Loudoun is the closest county to D.C. where you can have the best of all worlds. With a testing facility in Western Loudoun, the opportunity for a customized flex industrial space in Eastern Loudoun, Class-A office space that’s Metro-adjacent, and some of the most educated workforce in the U.S., Loudoun is the perfect place to land your business and launch your success.

Still in phase one of its development, Xelevate Unmanned Systems Center of Excellence opens up massive opportunities for UAV testing close to home. The 66-acre property includes testing fields, a conference and training center, and flexible demonstration space. The training center is specifically geared toward contractors and government agencies, not hobbyists.

By having your whole process in one location, you can keep your team on the same page. Research and testing can inform the sales process. Customers can easily see your innovation in action and provide feedback to your manufacturing team. Each direct interaction helps shorten the time to market and save your business money.

With You Every Step of the Way

Loudoun Economic Development is a full-service economic development organization, which is like adding growth specialists to your sales team.

Strategic Partnerships and Introductions: Brandon Ferris served more than 15 years in the U.S. Air Force and oversees Loudoun’s business development for aviation, unmanned systems, highly specialized manufacturing and logistics. He has forged relationships with the region’s aviation and manufacturing networks to help your company integrate seamlessly into the federal sales ecosystem.

Work with us for customized ombudsman services for real estate, permitting and process navigation, and workforce development—all at no cost to you. Brandon will make connections to help you:

  • Develop Your Workforce: Nancy Evanko is our workforce development specialist and is a dedicated resource for talent development. Whether your team needs help with workforce attraction, retention or upskilling, she can provide the introductions and access to resources to keep up with your growth plans.
  • Locate In Loudoun: When it’s time to grow, our real estate intelligence manager will pull available land and building reports that meet your business needs and specifications. Looking for coworking space? We’ve got options with top amenities and plenty of room to scale.
  • Navigate the Process: Katy Lowitz can work with you on any zoning and permitting questions, as well as helping you navigate the county’s process to open your business. She is also the administrator of our Fast-Track Commercial Incentive Program, which can shorten the development process by up to 75% for qualifying projects.
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