Let Us Help You Plant Seeds for Success with Your Farm Business

We’ve started a new series for participating farms and rural businesses in the Loudoun, VA Made • Loudoun, VA Grown program, called “Seeds for Success.” The goal of this series is to provide marketing, sales and business administrative resources to our more than 160 Loudoun-sourced businesses.

We’ve covered marketing topics include social media strategy, event marketing, financing, and video marketing hacks. We will continue to shift topics each month to meet the needs of our participating farms.

Have an idea for the next training session? Send us an email at LoudounBiz@loudoun.gov.

Maximizing B2B Connections for Business Growth

Whether you are a large commercial operation or a boutique organization, business-to-business sales should be part of your business plan. The key is having a plan for leveraging your B2B connections.

Producer Marketplace Visit Loudoun Loudoun Economic Development

2020 Loudoun Buyer Marketplace

The Marketplace is for producers and buyers to make connections and develop business partnerships. Last year’s event brought a range of bulk purchase clients, including restaurants, hotels, catering services and major events. Every producer that attended made at least one sale, and the event’s total sales eclipsed $180,000.

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Apply for our Loudoun Made, Loudoun Grown Marketing Fund

The fund will help rural businesses establish better marketing that promotes direct-to-consumer sales of Loudoun products. Grants of up to $5,000 would be available to eligible businesses and would be earmarked to assist with marketing costs, including legislative applications for sign programs or sign permit fees.

A complete list of program participants can be found here.
Don’t see your company listed? To join, contact John Magistro.

John Magistro

Business Development Officer, Agriculture and Business Services

Phone 703-737-8820

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