Workforce Employment Assistance

We Can Help You Find Your Next Job

Whether you’ve been looking for employment, considering greener pastures from your current role, or are just curious to see what’s out there, now is the perfect time to start your career search.

We encourage you to start your search on the Loudoun Jobs Portal, but maybe you didn’t find the perfect job. Here are some additional resources to ensure that you find the job you need in Loudoun County:

OrganizationIndustry/ServicesPhone Number
AG Careers
Agriculture, Food Production800-929-8975
Agriculture, Agribusiness, Food Production, Food Processing, Horticulture844-244-4737
NVCC Career Connection
Job Placement, Job Training, Resources703-503-6305
Job Placement, Resources
Loudoun County Job Link
Job Placement, Resources703-777-0377
Loudoun Workforce Resource CenterJob Placement, Resources703-777-0150
Virginia Employment Commission
Job Placement, Job Training, Resources866-832-2363
Virginia Employment Commission - Veterans
For Veterans: Job Placement, Job Training, Resources866-832-2363