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Loudoun County Cybersecurity Professionals Meetup

Loudoun Cyber Meetup: Intelligent Phishing Defense At our July 28th Meetup, we'll learn how a local Loudoun company is addressing a global problem: phishing. If you're in cybersecurity, you know the danger of phishing as an attack vector for credential-theft…
Amber Styles
July 28, 2021

Loudoun County Cybersecurity Professionals Meetup

This Meetup will provide opportunities for cybersecurity professional development and networking for anybody in the greater Loudoun County, VA area. We’re open to cyber practitioners, consultants, trainers, policymakers, software vendors, students, etc. This conversation is intended as an informal forum…
Omar Hernandez
June 24, 2021


As society becomes more reliant on technology the need for people who will protect these systems increases. Come learn about the many career opportunities in one of the US Government’s newest and most-compelling missions: cybersecurity. And hear this: As of…
Omar Hernandez
May 25, 2021