The Silver Line Is Your Ticket
To Greenfield Opportunities Near Washington, D.C.

Three new commuter train stations recently opened in Loudoun County, Virginia. They offer one-seat, no-transfer rides from one of the fastest-growing counties in America to the heart of the nation’s capital in Washington, D.C.

The Loudoun stations are the only ones along the 23-mile Silver Line with greenfield opportunities. Learn more about major developments; for more specific details email Colleen Kardasz or call her at 1-800-LOUDOUN.

The D.C. Metro is the second-busiest rail system in the United States, currently averaging more than 600,000 riders per day. The Metro includes six train lines and covers 118 miles in D.C., Maryland and Virginia.The stations are being built by the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority, and will be operated by the Metropolitan Washington Area Transit Authority.