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What is the purpose of the Available Land Database?

The purpose of the Available Land Database is to provide a matching service allowing interested parties to connect with landowners.

The database lists sites that are zoned for office or industrial uses, are vacant, and are currently represented by an agent. It does not include land zoned for retail or residential uses.

Land currently being rezoned has not been included.

Loudoun’s incorporated towns may have land parcels zoned for office and industrial use, but these are not included in this database. Please contact the towns directly if you are interested in locating in one of Loudoun’s seven towns.

How is the vacant usable land calculated?

Vacant usable land is calculated from total acres less floodplain, as reflected in Loudoun County records. Build-out density is based on maximum Floor Area Ratio.

Commercial Land Inventory Listing Application

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Kevin Welch

Real Estate Intelligence Manager

Phone 703-737-8322