Headshot of Sweatt

Tyler Sweatt
Managing Director
Calypso Labs

Tyler Sweatt is the managing director of Calypso Labs, a division of Calypso AI that focuses on bringing innovation and increased security to critical artificial intelligence and machine learning systems.

He has spent the past decade working on emerging technology and security challenges, helping organizations to identify, customize and scale critical technologies within their organizations.

Prior to his work with Calypso, Sweatt worked at futurist firm Toffler Associates, where he led the emerging technology and security practice, working with organizations around the globe to understand and adapt to drivers of change. He then founded consulting firm Future Tense, which was acquired in 2019.

A former military officer, he is a graduate of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point.


Build Value for an Exit: Lessons Learned from Founding and Selling a Loudoun Company
1:15-2:15 p.m. @ Grand Ballroom

Think about it: what really goes into building a business from scratch? How do you find customers? If your end goal is acquisition, how should you build your company differently? There are trade-offs to every decision, including when and if to accept outside investment.

In this rapid-fire talk, Tyler Sweatt will share key lessons learned about starting, growing, and selling a small business in Loudoun County. He’ll discuss what he and his partners learned, what they thought they knew before they got started, and what he wished he knew at the time.

Learn to identify customers and market fit, defining what you sell, developing core partnerships, and positioning your company through marketing and branding efforts. If you’re considering starting or positioning a company for an acquisition, don’t miss this talk!

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