Headshot of Shoup

Marty Shoup
Producer, Director, Owner
Blue Lion Multimedia

After a successful career in the information technology field, specializing in audio and video analysis technologies, Marty Shoup decided to get behind the camera and turn his passion for video production and photography into a full-time occupation.

As the owner of Blue Lion Multimedia, he applies disciplined processes learned from the corporate world to help people tell their stories through the power of visual media. His relentless focus on customer service has resulted in frequent follow-on work from clients and 100 percent of new business has come from referrals.

Shoup is very active in the Loudoun County community, providing more than 600 hours of pro bono support annually, to organizations including the Loudoun County Volunteer Rescue Squad, Young Entrepreneur’s Academy and Loudoun Habitat for Humanity.


4:30-5:30 p.m. @ Grand Ballroom

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