Headshot of Matchett

Jason Matchett
Founder and Chief Solutions Officer
Partnerd Group

Jason Matchett is the founder and chief solutions officer of the Partnerd Group, based in Sterling, Va. Founded on the belief that every company deserves exceptional technology, Partnerd has been delivering a full range of IT services to clients in the D.C. area for more than a decade.

From network assessments to buildout, management, support, system relocations and upgrades to a full range of cloud business services, Partnerd tailors each solution to the customer’s unique need.

Matchett has more that 20 years of experience in multiple technology roles, including IT strategy, engineering and networking. With a bachelor’s degree in elementary education, he possesses a unique background that allows him to educate and empower Partnerd clients as they build an overall IT strategy.


Planning for an IT Disaster: Are You Prepared?
3:30-4:30 p.m. @ Grand Ballroom

How long can your business survive if your email crashes, you lose your cell phone, or something happens to your laptop that contains sensitive company data? As business owners, we are all aware of how critical our data, IT systems, and knowledge bases are to our day-to-day operations. But in today’s digital environment, we also know that our electronic assets are at risk of purposeful and accidental loss or damage. How do we plan for the inevitable technology disaster? Or recover from that disaster after it has affected our business? In this presentation, we will discuss steps for recognizing and evaluating the technology and data that is critical to your business, and how to put a plan (and tools) in place to minimize the impact WHEN – not IF – disaster strikes.

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