Headshot of Espinola

Elaine Espinola
TV Producer, Podcast Host, On-Air Personality
Better Business Bureau, Freelance

Elaine Espinola is a multimedia host, actress and professional spokesperson. In 2015, she was crowned Mrs. D.C. America, and she continues to promote the platform, “Empowerment for Women through Entrepreneurship.”

An international best-selling author, Espinola co-wrote the book “Born To Be Me” with other female writers, sharing her story of perseverance and empowerment. She is an advocate for small business owners and for the empowerment of women and girls everywhere.

Currently, Espinola hosts a podcast for Better Business Bureau National Programs, on a channel called The Bistro, which explores innovative trends in business, sharing insights into consumer protection, data privacy and truth in advertising. Her TV show, Capital Connect, highlights people doing impactful things, including authors, experts and non-profit founders in and around our nation’s capital. As a commercial actress, Espinola is a familiar face for ads promoting local and national brands.

Her company, Media SavvE, LLC, offers consulting and innovative solutions to help market and brand businesses through digital advertising. Espinola is a spokesperson for the Northern Virginia Human Trafficking Initiative and on the advisory board for the non-profit, Touching Heart, which teaches children the joy of giving.

She is first and foremost, a grateful wife and mother.

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