Crystal Icenhour of Aperiomics

Dr. Crystal Icenhour
CEO and Co-Founder

Dr. Crystal R. Icenhour is one of the rising stars of American biotechnology. After more than 25 years in medical research and biotech, she was named founding CEO of Aperiomics, a company that harnesses the power of next-generation sequencing to identify any known pathogen (bacteria, virus, fungi or parasite) in a single test. Aperiomics is the only company of its kind and scope in the world, and it based right here in Loudoun County.

Throughout Icenhour’s career, she has demonstrated strong leadership in both business and science, and has dedicated herself to bridging the translational gap between these two worlds through technology. A serial entrepreneur, she previously served as president and chief science officer for Phthisis Diagnostics in Charlottesville (acquired by Microbiologics in 2013), a research and development company developing easy-to-use molecular diagnostics for intestinal parasites.

Icenhour serves as chairman of VirginiaBIO and was chosen to participate in the SpringBoard Enterprises 2016 class of women-led companies. The Kauffman Foundation and Center recognized her as their 2012 Entrepreneur of the Year.

Leverage Collaboration to Overcome Obstacles
1:15-2:15pm @ Grand Ballroom

Small business owners can’t do everything themselves. While you may know your obstacles, it is more difficult to identify weaknesses that may be hindering your business growth and progress.

Thinking differently about partnering can fill important gaps for small companies and extend strengths in new directions. Innovative collaborations can bring to light important resources that may be available but hard to find.

Whether your business could benefit from partnering with government, academia, community organizations, or other businesses, this session will cover some examples of collaboration that works, as well as the skills and capabilities to develop that will allow for maximum yield with any partnership.

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