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Loudoun is Virginia's Healthiest County


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What’s your vision for your business?

In Loudoun County, Virginia, it’s possible to make your vision a reality.

It’s #LoudounPossible for your company to have:

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    Greenfield space near a commuter train station;

  • A tech-savvy workforce in the home of the world’s largest and fastest-growing data center hub;
  • A location 10 minutes from one of the top 10 international airports in the U.S.;
  • Access to the most educated population in America;
  • A facility in a walkable mixed-use development just miles from the nation’s capital and minutes from scenic farmland;
  • A piece of Loudoun’s $19 billion economy.

It’s #LoudounPossible for your employees to be in:

  • One of the happiest counties in America, according to New York-based SmartAsset;
  • The county with the highest median household income in the nation;
  • The healthiest county in Virginia;
  • A place that’s home to 40+ wineries and 20+ breweries, the most of any county in Virginia;
  • A district with one of the highest on-time graduation rate in the region, with two of high schools that have been nationally ranked;
  • A low-crime community, with 98 percent of survey respondents rating it as safe.

Here’s what was #LoudounPossible for these companies:

“Any business relies on good governance, sensible regulation, and a political environment that supports prosperity as a social good in and of itself. Loudoun County, and Virginia more broadly, have provided such an environment for many years.”

Scott HambergerCEO, Fortessa

“We love this place because:
Great support by Loudoun County Economic Development;
We can reach customers in NJ, NY and NC by car;
Perfect Infrastructure;
Small chance for natural catastrophe;
Loudoun County lifestyle/amenities: development areas, parks, great communities, close to Washington D.C., close to National Park, a lot of hiking and biking trails.”

Barbara SpechtBiogrund

“Loudoun County is perfect for a small, growing, pharmaceutical company. It has everything you need here to build a business – skilled workforce, access to research and technology. If you have an idea, pursue it; Loudoun County helps to make it possible.”

Karl NobertCEO, ReCellerate

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