What’s your vision for your business?

In Loudoun County, Virginia, it’s possible to make your vision a reality.

It’s #LoudounPossible for your company to have:

  • Greenfield space near a commuter train station;
  • A tech-savvy workforce in the home of the world’s largest and fastest-growing data center hub;
  • A location 10 minutes from one of the top 10 international airports in the U.S.;
  • Access to the most educated population in America;
  • A facility in a walkable mixed-use development just miles from the nation’s capital and minutes from scenic farmland;
  • A piece of Loudoun’s $19 billion economy.

It’s #LoudounPossible for your employees to be in:

  • The happiest county in America, according to New York-based SmartAsset;
  • The county with the highest median household income in the nation;
  • The healthiest county in Virginia;
  • A place that’s home to 40+ wineries and 20+ breweries, the most of any county in Virginia;
  • A district with one of the highest on-time graduation rate in the region, with two of high schools that have been nationally ranked;
  • A low-crime community, with 98 percent of survey respondents rating it as safe.

Here’s what was #LoudounPossible for these companies:

“Any business relies on good governance, sensible regulation, and a political environment that supports prosperity as a social good in and of itself. Loudoun County, and Virginia more broadly, have provided such an environment for many years.”

Scott HambergerCEO, Fortessa

“We love this place because:
Great support by Loudoun County Economic Development;
We can reach customers in NJ, NY and NC by car;
Perfect Infrastructure;
Small chance for natural catastrophe;
Loudoun County lifestyle/amenities: development areas, parks, great communities, close to Washington D.C., close to National Park, a lot of hiking and biking trails.”

Barbara SpechtBiogrund

“Loudoun has the unique ability to provide a flexible infrastructure … this flexibility is based on a broad base of scientific assets, an unparalleled I.T. infrastructure to support massive data and cybersecurity assets, and proximity to Maryland, D.C., and Northern Virginia.”

Crystal R. IcenhourCEO, Aperiomics

“Loudoun County is perfect for a small, growing, pharmaceutical company. It has everything you need here to build a business – skilled workforce, access to research and technology. If you have an idea, pursue it; Loudoun County helps to make it possible.”

Karl NobertCEO, ReCellerate

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