Throughout the month of March, we are hosting Loudoun County Logo Madness! This bracket features 32 logos from the Loudoun business community, competing for YOUR vote in each of five rounds.

As the logos move forward, we will share some of the stories behind the organizations and their logos. The winner will be promoted as the honorary sponsor of our Loudoun Small Business Week “Future of Packaging” event.

Please keep this in mind:

  • Votes are not counted until you submit your entry at the end;
  • If you are not logged into Facebook, it will not count your vote;
  • You can only vote once per round. If it seems like you can vote again, your ballot was not received the first time, so please try again!

Please come back to vote during the open time periods, listed below:

Round 1: March 12-17
Round 2: March 17-21
Round 3: March 21-25
Round 4: March 25-29

Round 5: March 29-April 2

Voting is anonymous and your information is protected by our county Privacy Policy. Your vote will only count during the time that a particular round of voting is open.

Vote Now:

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