Loudoun County Business Reinvestment and Recovery Grant

The Loudoun County Business Recovery & Reinvention Grant (BRRG) is designed to fund innovative solutions to accelerate business growth for companies that have needed to pivot in the wake of the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. Loudoun County will provide grants of up to $50,000 to help enable companies to make a change to their business model, adopt new technologies or practices, or otherwise reinvent their business to cope with the economic and/or public health requirements and challenges during the pandemic.

See Complete List of Grant Recipients

BRRG applicants were required to demonstrate the following criteria:

  • Licensed and operational for-profit business in Loudoun County
  • Operational prior to March 1, 2020
  • Currently open and operating (Funds may NOT be used to restart a business closed during COVID-19)
  • Commitment to maintain funded project within Loudoun County for a minimum of 2 years post-award
  • 0-250 employees (no limit on 1099 contractors)
  • Pre-Covid (March 1, 2020) revenue of at least $50,000 and no more than $8 million.
  • Funds will only be distributed via ACH (If awarded the business must provide the Economic Development Authority additional banking forms for financial disbursement)

How were applications reviewed?

  1. All applications will undergo an administrative review for eligibility requirements. Any application that does not meet the minimum requirements will be disqualified at this stage. This includes:
    • Any application for a business not licensed and in good standing with the County or the incorporated town at the time the application is received.
    • Any business who has not demonstrated they meet the revenue requirements of a minimum of $50,000 and not exceeding $8 million
    • Any business whose employee count exceeds 250 W2 employees
    • Any business that has not clearly demonstrated the impact of COVID-19 on their business and how the requested project funding is in response to that impact.[2]
  2. After the administrative review remaining applications will be assigned to a caller who will work with the applicant to get documents to support the projected project[3], remove any requested projects or items that do not meet the grant criteria and determine a final request amount and project plan.
  3. After the caller has signed off on the application it will go through a certification review. This process will score the applications based on the highest impact to the business and the county, will review how previous local, State, and Federal funding has been used by the business, and make a final determination on which applications will receive funding until all funds have been expended.

[1] EXAMPLE: If the $4,940,000 were divided by all $50,000 projects the total number of businesses funded would be 98.8. As with all previous County grant programs, remaining funds are returned to the County’s general ARPA funds and will NOT be distributed beyond the guidelines of this grant.

[2] Businesses who provide a list of projects where some are eligible and others are not will not be disqualified at this round, but are subject to a change to their proposal in the second review stage.

[3] Documents could include a more detailed budget, invoices or MOUs for purchases, but will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

The fund is now closed for applications. Selected grant recipients are listed below:

Please note:

  • Business names are spelled exactly as they were entered on the application form. No edits were made to the received applications.
  • In the coming weeks, selected businesses will receive an additional email from our team that will have instructions for accepting the grant award before funds are disbursed.
  • IMPORTANT: If your business was awarded a grant, please note that you may now begin purchasing those items that were approved for your grant request proof of purchase price documents. Please also note that you will be required to provide receipts that match the project as it was submitted and the total amount approved.

If you have any other questions, please email LoudounBiz@loudoun.gov.

BRRG Application NumberBusiness Name as Listed on IRS Form W-9DBA/Trade Name of Business (if Applicable)Award Amount
22031Auto Service Done Right, LLCStone Springs Auto Center50000.00
22033ResQ Enterprises, LLCResQ BBQ50000.00
22034POPCYCLE, LLC26976.90
22036Crooked Run Brewing, LLCCrooked Run Fermenation50000.00
22041Loudoun Paving LLC.44368.00
22042Leesburg Investment II LLCComfort Suites50000.00
22045Waterford Reservations LLC32699.98
22046Sylvanside Farm, LLC50000.00
22059Fulfillment House, Inc.Fulfillment House, Inc.50000.00
22062Capital Telecom Services LLC50000.00
22063TUCS LLCSenor Ramon taqueria50000.00
22064Yum foods llcVino9 market18000.00
22067Ultimate Archery Virginia, LLC9750.00
22068LUVDONE INC.The Conche50000.00
22069Bright Yeast Labs LLCjasperyeast50000.00
22072Mount Defiance Cidery and Distillery, LLC24000.00
22079Skylark Innovations LLCTrackMyShuttle50000.00
22084Salon Khouri Dulles LTDSalon Khouri34395.00
22086Pavement Technical Solutions, Inc.N/A50000.00
22088MacDowell Brew Kitchen LLCMacDowell Brew Kitchen50000.00
22101Notaviva Vineyards LLC50000.00
22103Speed and Technology Integratedn/a49945.00
22105Loudoun Collision Center, Inc.n/a50000.00
22107Clegg Chiropractic PC20556.00
22109Relomark Inc.41755.00
22110Mama Luccis Pizzaria IncMama Luccis Pizzaria Inc50000.00
22111Greenheart Wellness, LLC50000.00
22116Solace Brewing Company LLC50000.00
22117Donald C WilsonGruto's Soft Serve50000.00
22118StageCoach Theatre Company LLCStageCoach Theatre Company LLC50000.00
22121T. White Parker Associates, IncorporatedT. White Parker32000.00
22123PMC Enterprises, LLCPaige's Pit Stop50000.00
22127Summit Ropes LLCSummit Ropes50000.00
22129Michelle Lindsay Photography LLCN/a13287.32
22134Splendid BizSpaces, LLCLeesburg Innovation50000.00
22135Anitas New Mexico Style Mexican Food Inc.50000.00
22138Claren LLCClaren Solutions / Claren Menu18760.00
22140Dynasty Brewing CompanyDynasty Brewing Company49836.00
22141Loudoun CountyElite Formation Studio of Dance50000.00
22142Sagetopia LLC19573.00
22145Unimex Corporation50000.00
22146Bram Froyo IncSweetFrog11328.53
22147Holly Heider Chapple FlowersHope Flower Farm50000.00
22151Bow Tie Strategies LLCBow Tie Strategies or Events by Bow Tie28450.00
22159Leesburg Brewing Company, LLCTrungo's50000.00
22160Jennifer Merritts Massage Therapy15799.00
22162Evergreen Stores, Inc.USA Market50000.00
22163Trinity House Cafe, LLC50000.00
22176B&T DC IncB&T Cleaners50000.00
22179Pizza Pizza LLCVocelli49937.00
22184Fun World LLCThe Zone50000.00
22201Rowley Consulting LLC6673.94
22205Southern Luxe Community Salons LLC16266.40
22251Cannabreeze, LLCCannabreeze50000.00
22298Williams Gap LLCWilliams Gap Vineyard50000.00
22324Spring House Farm, LLC50000.00
22343Long Stone Farm, LLC50000.00
22344Windham WineryDoukenie Winery41249.08
22395Har Group LLCHar Group Division - Raheja Construction50000.00
22400King Street Oyster Bar, LLCKing Street Oyster Bar50000.00
22403Purcellville Florist Inc31051.00
22407Fitness Image Results, LLC50000.00
22409Culinary Corner Essentials, LLCFleur De Cuisine40568.00
22417LabMD2, Inc.AnyLabTestNow-Potomac Falls50000.00
22432Discount Aero Parts LLC50000.00
22435ASK-ARK, LLCN/A50000.00
22440Integrative Counseling & Relationship Therapy, Inc.7909.99
22443Delirium Cafe LLCDelirium Cafe50000.00
22446StrategyUS LLC50000.00
22447DSL Logistics Corp.Craters & Freighters of Washington DC50000.00
22460Wali Limited, LLCPaisano's Leesburg50000.00
22461Family Affair LLCUncle Dave's Kettle Korn42674.02
22462Habitat Foods IncHabitat Foods Inc24296.77
22463Shilos Design LLCScout & Molly's One Loudoun6865.00
22468Solutioneering LLC49841.60
22476inPhotograph, LLC16891.45
22477New Wave Cleaning Services Inc.48583.14
22486M & J Enterprises, Inc.Cedar Creek Farm34328.00
22488Yeon CorporationExecutive Cleaners (EC)50000.00
22490Ion International Training Center, LLCIon International Training Center50000.00
22493Sharp Line Cuts Barbershop llc49935.37
22495Ray A. Gibbs 3rdGibbs Painting50000.00
22507Hampton Roads Holdings, Inc.Lost Creek Winery / Echelon Wine Bar50000.00
22513Purcellville Orthopedic Physical Therapy, LLC49548.70
22524Navigate Empower LLCNavigate2Empower Coaching & Consulting15000.00
22543Evolution Food Group LLCMarket Table Bistro50000.00
22546Shamrock Music Shoppe LLC25032.13
22548Tel2Net LLC34127.27
22562Modern Mechanical, LLC50000.00
22564Potomac Falls Music10000.00
22567Seamless Recycling, LLC50000.00
22574RedSky LLC43922.20
22608nxtMOVE CorporationNA32400.00
22620Green Tree CorporationGreen Tree / Old Town Grill50000.00
22627Shivatra, Inc12200.00
22631Cork and Keg Tours, LLCCork and Keg Tours15187.82
22646IQ Dispatch LLC35000.00
22678Notes n Beats LLC50000.00
22679Samskara Yoga & Healing LLC49963.15
22680Mr. Print of Middleburg, LLC50000.00
22684Citygate Films LLC14950.85
22685Amendment One Loudoun LLCLoudoun Now17427.61
22689Lee Leonard Associates LLCPop Music Merch11808.60
22698La Palma, IncTipicos Los Amigos Restaurant50000.00
22700RJs Deli & Stores LLCRJs Deli & Stores LLC20769.47
22714Geopotential Consulting LLC11990.00
22717Sweet Signatures LLC6990.00
22718Ford's on Maine South Riding, LLCFord's Fish Shack South Riding50000.00
22727Silhouette Vineyards868 Estate Vineyards50000.00
22730Cardinal Bakery, Inc.Politano's Famous Breads50000.00
22733Loudoun Brewing Company, LLCLoudoun Brewing Company25000.00
22741Black Hoof Brewing Company LLCBlack Hoof Brewing Co50000.00
22750Rasnake Holway LLCThe Corner Store22073.13
22758Campbell's Tree Service, Inc.50000.00
22762Foggy Mountain Pasta, LLC47129.58

Grant program timeline:

  1. Applications will be accepted on Wednesday, December 8, 2021 from noon until 3 p.m. ONLY.
  2. Any application not fully submitted into the portal at 3 p.m. will not be considered.
  3. Applications that were previously In Progress can be completed and submitted in this window,
  4. All eligibility requirements as previously stated are the same and all applications submitted on either December 1, 2021, during that open window or on December 8, 2021, during the 12-3 p.m. window will be considered using the review process listed below.
  5. This grant will NOT be administered using a lottery system and will only fund businesses which are certified and chosen for funding up to the allocated amount of $4.9 million.[1]
  6. This grant will not be able to fund all applications that meet the eligibility requirements and will not be reallocated regardless of the total number of applications received.
  7. Awarded applications will be announced in early February.

A Message from Loudoun Economic Development Executive Director Buddy Rizer:

We wanted to provide this important update to all applicants of the Loudoun County Business Reinvestment and Recovery Fund. This $4.9 million-dollar fund was created by the Board of Supervisors as part of their ongoing efforts to support our business community as we work to reinvest, recover, and reinvent in the wake of the COVID 19 pandemic.

Across the two days the portal was open, we received 768 applications from businesses of all shapes, sizes, industries and locations across the county. The response to this opportunity was both exhilarating and humbling. The projects within those applications show the dedication of the Loudoun business community to resiliency, recovery and growth.

The team at the Department of Economic Development (DED) is working diligently to review every application. In addition to DED staff, the application review process includes reviews by the Commissioner of the Revenue, the Incorporated Towns, and other County staff. Because the response was so high, we want to make sure we take the necessary time to review applications, particularly in this first phase with care and concern for the effort made and the goals of the grant program.

Terms and Conditions

Questions? Please call 1-800-LOUDOUN or email loudounbiz@loudoun.gov for more information.

Translation Services Information

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Frequently Asked Questions

I previously received CARES Act and/or ARPA funding from the county or my town. Am I eligible for this?

Yes. If you received general COVID-19 business relief funding from Loudoun County or its incorporated towns, you are eligible to apply for this as well.

Will I have to pay taxes on this grant?

Yes. The IRS considers business grants as revenue for tax purposes. The money from the grant should be included when calculating the business’s taxable income. If your business receives funding and still operates at a loss this year, then it will not have a taxable income because it operated at a loss.

I'm having technical trouble applying. What should I do?

This is a web-based form only. It is strongly encouraged that you use the latest browser version of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox in order to apply. Applicants using Safari may have difficulty signing up.

Although the application can be completed on mobile devices, we recommend using a desktop computer for the best experience.

If you started an application and forgot your password, please click this link to have an email sent to you that will contain a link to reset your password: Forgot your password?

If you complete the application, including all required fields, press Submit and DO NOT see a confirmation message on the screen, then your application has not been successfully submitted. Please contact LoudounBiz@loudoun.gov and we will do our best to help.

If you do not have access to high-speed internet, please visit the parking lots of the Middleburg, Purcellville or Lovettsville libraries for access to free, high-speed internet.

Can I save my application and return later?

Yes. The form allows users to save their progress and return later. However, applications will be considered in the order that they were received. Delaying the submission of an application could impact your consideration for receiving funding.

Can I apply for multiple locations and/or multiple businesses?

Yes, please create just one username and password for multiple businesses that you are applying for. Each business must have a separate Business Reinvestment and Recovery Grant Application under your account. You may only apply for one project per business, and each business must have a separate EIN or SSN.

While logged into the application portal, click the “+Add Another” to create a new Business Reinvestment and Recovery Grant Application  attached to your Personal Profile.

How will my submitted information be used?

Submitted information will be used to determine the eligibility of the business applicant. Additional communication with Loudoun County Government staff will be to verify the information provided.

Information submitted for this grant becomes public record and subject to requests in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act. We cannot exclude anyone’s submitted information from that process.

What are the next steps?

Once successfully submitted, applications will be reviewed to confirm eligibility on a rolling basis.

Loudoun Economic Development staff will contact you by phone or email if there are any clarifications needed during the review process.

After your application has been fully certified, it will be transferred to the Economic Development Authority for payment. At that time you will be asked to provide a W-9, ACH form and banking document (such as a voided check or bank letter) to complete the payment process.

What does “good standing” mean for eligibility?

Good standing is determined by the jurisdiction in which your business is located. Good standing can include, but is not limited to, having a valid business license and being in compliance with all other reporting and taxation requirements of that jurisdiction.

Can I get this information in another language?

Businesses are encouraged to view the page using their browser’s translation tools and follow up with us at 1-800-LOUDOUN for more translation assistance.

In accordance with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act, Loudoun County Government is committed to ensuring that limited English proficient individuals have equal and meaningful access to county benefits and services. We utilize both phone interpretation services and written translation services when appropriate. Click here to view translation services information.

What is a capital expense versus and operating expense?

An operating expense is an expense required for the day-to-day functioning of a business. A capital expense is an expense a business incurs to create a benefit in the future. The BRRG will fund capital expenses of a business where that expense is in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on the individual business and/or industry of the business.

What do revenue and expenses mean for purposes of the grant application?

For purposes of the BRRG, revenue is the money that comes in to your business and expenses are the money you pay out.