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Bond Financing Fee Schedule

Fee Schedule for Applications for Tax Exempt Bond Financing
Revised as of February 23, 2017

Principal Bond AmountLoudoun County Government501(c)(3) EntitiesAll Other Qualifying
Application Fee
Initial Administrative
Fee (Closing Fee)
Less than $20 million.00075 FAB .0020 FAB.0020 FAB
$20 million to $100 million.00075 FAB .0015 FAB.0015 FAB
Greater than $100 million.00075 FAB .0010 FAB .0010 FAB
Annual Administrative
Less than $20 millionN/AN/A.0005 FAB
$20 million to $100 millionN/A.0004 FAB.0004 FAB
Greater than $100 millionN/A.0003 FAB.0003 FAB

FAB = Face amount of bond as of closing date

Application Fee
The application fee is required for all proposed transactions at the time an Application for Tax Exempt Bond Financing is submitted to the EDA for consideration. An executed Agreement for Payment of Expenses is also required at the time of application.

Closing Fee
The closing fee is due for all bonds issued by the EDA within 30 days after the closing date.

Annual Administrative Fee
The annual administrative fee is due for all bonds issued by the EDA on the closing date anniversary.

For refunding transactions, the amount of the closing and annual fees are calculated based on the FAB of the refunding bonds.

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