Economic Development Authority


Loudoun County is a unique place that has grown from a variety of diverse entrepreneurial achievement. In the eastern part of the county, an entire industry was born from Internet entrepreneurs that spawned the highest concentration of data centers in the world.  This infrastructure is the foundation for one of Loudoun County’s primary technology focus and the basis for efforts to grow High Tech Entrepreneurship in the county.

Loudoun County Economic Development Authority (EDA) is looking for companies to join our technology eco-system and take advantage of the County immense infrastructure and talent resources.

But Loudoun County is more than just a technology hotbed. The world’s most innovative Cuisine company calls Loudoun County home as well as some of the most innovative wineries and breweries in the country.  The Counties unique combination of market (Washington, D.C.), immense talent and relative wealth in an idyllic setting, is the perfect place for Entrepreneurs to start their dream company and enjoy life.

The Loudoun County EDA is actively looking for partners and Entrepreneurs to join our Entrepreneurial eco-system. The EDA encourages innovative, high growth companies to leverage Loudoun County unique infrastructure, talent, and natural resources.

Take part of any of our entrepreneurship initiatives, including: