Welcome to the Loudoun Economic Development Authority

Loudoun County, Virginia is one of the top-ranked business communities in the nation. Just a short drive to Washington, D.C. and home to Washington Dulles International Airport, the county is a hub for high-tech companies and federal government contractors, and is regarded for its blend of suburban corporate campuses and rural business environments.

The Loudoun EDA is an integral part of Loudoun County’s economic development partnerships. The Economic Development Authority proactively coordinates with the Loudoun County Department of Economic Development to attract businesses. The EDA has issued more than $1 billion in tax-exempt revenue bonds in accordance with the Code of Virginia. Please contact us regarding facility financing opportunities for non-profit organizations, manufacturing, or assembly-focused companies.

Assistance with prospective new and expanding businesses is managed by the Loudoun County Department of Economic Development. If your company needs guidance with site selection, starting a business, or the county’s commercial development process, please contact Rick Morris at the department.