Loudoun’s Data Center Alley offers you the ability to do real-time analysis on massive, disparate data sets at over 10 terabits of data per second without a large capital investment.

It’s not a single machine, nor an array of machines in a single building. It’s a unique community of data centers, cloud providers, and fiber with the ability to link together the world’s largest computing capability with utter scalability, the most dense cloud, and AI and machine-learning hardware at the world’s highest throughput and fastest speeds, with the world’s most impressive talent force.

House your data scientists in Loudoun’s Data Center Alley and you can leap-frog the competition. Get a step up on creating new, disruptive commercial applications. You will be able to:

  • Do real-time analysis on massive data sets over 10 terabits of data per second;
  • Access the highest-scale storage and data analytics hardware available;
  • Attract world-class IT engineers and top experts to design cutting-edge systems.

Find out about locating in or setting up a satellite research office in Loudoun. Please email or call Sarah Price at 571-316-8190.

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