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Dancing Among Giants

By: Susan VanEpps No matter the business focus, entrepreneurs share a common trait: their need to succeed among larger, often better-known competitors. At first glance, larger companies would seem to have the upper hand: greater marketing budgets, economies of scale…
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Hire a Hero

By: Susan VanEpps Loudoun entrepreneurs that act quickly can help the community and their business, all while scoring a significant tax credit – just by hiring a veteran in need of employment before January 1, 2013. Under the Veterans Opportunity…
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How to Work a Room

By: Lois Kirkpatrick Let’s face it: sooner or later, you’re going to have to work a room. Growing a business requires meeting other people who can help you succeed. You might meet those people at a happy hour, a showcase…
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Hire Ground

By: Lois Kirkpatrick Your startup is really starting to take off, and you and your business partner need to staff up. Your family members are excited about your growth, and want in on this ground-floor opportunity. Question: should you hire…