Go All-In With Loudoun

1. Top Business Growth in Virginia

SmartAsset, a New York-based financial technology company, has ranked Loudoun as the top county for business growth in Virginia for the third year in a row. The last four annual studies have shown 13.2% growth, 13.9% growth, 13.9% growth and 15.8% growth.

2. Top Purchasing Power in Virginia

study from SmartAsset shows that Loudoun residents get more for their money than people in any other county in Virginia, and ranks 80th among 3,000 counties nationwide. The study compares median income and cost-of-living data nationwide to find the counties where people hold the most purchasing power.

3. Safest County vs. Natural Disasters in the U.S.

FEMA’s National Risk Index gave Loudoun the lowest score of all counties in the United States, considering natural hazards ranging from avalanches, volcanoes and tsunamis to flooding, hail, hurricanes and heatwaves. A lack of natural disasters is important for the commercial investment that your business makes, as well as the uptime that your business can deliver to customers.

Quality of Life Factors:

4. Fastest-Growing County in Virginia

Loudoun County has eclipsed 400,000 residents and adds an average of 30 new residents each day, leading to 29 percent population growth since 2010, tops in Virginia. Nationally, over that span, Loudoun ranks 20th in growth of 3,142 counties and seventh among counties with a population of 100,000 or more. With Washington-Dulles International Airport providing access to more than 50 world capitals, nearly one in four Loudouners were born outside the U.S.

5. Safest County in the National Capital Region

Loudoun County has the lowest crime rate of any jurisdictions in the national capital area, which includes parts of Virginia, Maryland and Washington, D.C. The rate of serious crimes in Loudoun has dropped 34 percent since 2012, while the county’s population has increased by more than 60,000.

6. Highest Home Broadband Access in Virginia

According to the latest figures from the U.S. Census Bureau, Loudoun has the highest percentage of households with a fixed broadband (not mobile) Internet subscription in Virginia. In fact, Loudoun’s 93 percent figure trails only Douglas County, Colo., (which is at 94.6 percent) for the highest broadband Internet subscription in the U.S.

7. Happiest Large County in the U.S.

Loudoun is the happiest large county in the United States, according to results from SmartAsset. According to the 2019 study, “The county has a low poverty rate, with only 3.7 percent of residents living below the poverty line. In addition to economic stability, Loudoun County residents also enjoy relatively long lives. The average life expectancy in the county is 83.19 years.”

Are you looking to build your new headquarters from the ground up? Loudoun County, Virginia has multiple greenfield opportunities that offer flexibility and a low cost-per-square-foot, all in a prime location either on or near the future path of the Silver Line metro rail. This section of the Silver Line reaches west from Washington-Dulles International Airport to the last Loudoun station in Ashburn, VA.

Loudoun’s proximity to Washington, D.C. also makes us a prime location for government headquarters. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security, with offices in Sterling, is one of the county’s largest employers.

Loudoun is also home to the famed Data Center Alley, the world’s largest concentration of data centers, with more than 18 million square feet currently in operation and millions more being planned or developed. Data centers flock to the county for our access to fiber, affordable utilities and a quick building process through our exclusive Fast-Track Commercial Incentive Program.

Our greenfield sites look toward the future. Each one includes enough acreage to enable security and flexibility that will ensure long-term sustainability and viability.

Transit-Oriented Greenfield Sites

Ashburn Station

Loudoun Station – 1,500 multifamily units, 1.1 M sq. ft. commercial mixed use
Silver District West – 3,706 residential units, 980K sq. ft. office/retail
Gramercy District – 590 multifamily units, 765K sq. ft. commercial mixed-use
Moorefield – 6,000 residential units, 9.75 M sq. ft. commercial mixed-use

Loudoun Gateway Station

Loudoun Gateway – 281 acres with multimodal access providing opportunities for mixed-use, retail, and special activity

Innovation Station

Rivana – 1,954 multifamily units, 1.8 M sq. ft. Class A office, 185K sq. ft. retail village, 265-room full-service hotel; total of 4.4 M sq. ft. mixed-use
Waterside – 2,595 residential units, 3.4 M sq. ft. commercial mixed-use