EPL Archives is a true Loudoun County corporate pioneer. Founded in Loudoun in 1978 by leaders in the scientific research industry, the company focuses on the preservation and maintenance of research materials, data and product manufacturing assets. In 2012, EPL Archives submitted site plans for a 46,000 square-foot expansion of their Loudoun facilities under the county’s Fast-Track Commercial Incentive Program.

How well did Loudoun’s Fast-Track Program work for EPL and their team?

Samuel H. Busey, Chairman and CEO, EPL Archives: “We were very pleased with how Loudoun County responded to everything. From the kickoff meeting to permitting, the process was well-organized. EPL has been operating in Loudoun County for 35 years, and appreciates the continued support of our growing company.”

Jeff Johnson, COO, EPL Archives: “The process for review and approval was very well organized and aligned with our business goals and objectives. The professional engagement and timely communications throughout the process were much appreciated. Loudoun County government has done a fantastic job supporting the growth of our business … The process was extremely easy, the follow-up and follow-through was just as advertised. Things went as planned without a hitch.”

Scott Rabin, Sr. Project Manager, Utica Contracting:
“Plan reviews and inspections were seamless, and the process kept things current. From permitting, our drawings were in and out quickly. That’s been my experience with Loudoun for a while … and it’s getting better all the time. I really enjoy working with Loudoun.”

When asked what he would tell others about the process, Busey said, “Assembling a seasoned team of professionals who understand the requirements of Loudoun really streamlined the process. We used Gordon for civil engineering, BB&T Bank for finance, ECS for testing/inspection services, Culbert and Schmitt for legal, and Utica Contracting for construction – all of whom we’ve used for well over a decade on various projects. Cowie Associates provided the architectural and complex design services.”

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