Masters Radio: New Music from the Masters

Music is the bridge that connects us to each other. It is a universal language that exceeds borders of culture, spans eras, and captivates audiences across generations. As the art form constantly evolves and new music is created by both new and classic artists, what happens when only new artists with new songs get airplay?

Enter Masters Radio, a Loudoun-based, digital platform whose vision is to honor music legacies, empower artists, and make their voices heard…again, spearheaded by a trio of music aficionados: Rob Snyder, CEO and MMM (Main Music Man), Adam Pressman, COO, and Jay Slonaker, CMO,  Unlike conventional streaming services that prioritize the latest hits and trending artists, Masters Radio curates a carefully selected roster of established musicians whose contributions to the industry span decades. By focusing on artists who gained popularity 20+ years ago, the platform’s focus is simple: play new music by classic artists.

It all began with a moment of revelation for Rob Snyder at a Tom Petty concert. Surrounded by excited fans listening to the legendary artist’s classic hits, Snyder was floored at the crowd’s lukewarm response to Petty’s new music, realizing a crucial disconnect in the music industry—the underappreciation of established artists’ new work. This chilly reception prompted Snyder to research how many other artists had new music and, by the time he got to about 300, he found that 292 were still on tour and 275 had new music.

There are many streaming services, but this one stands out for several reasons. Masters Radio distinguishes itself through its commitment to the artists themselves. Recognizing the challenges faced by many musicians ranging from lack of royalties to inadequate healthcare, Snyder and his team are on a mission to support and uplift these music legends. Through subscription fees and strategic partnerships, they aim to provide artists with a sustainable source of income and essential benefits like healthcare, ensuring they receive the recognition and support they deserve. This altruistic approach resonates with both artists and listeners, fostering a sense of community and mutual support within the music industry.

Further, the journey of Masters Radio is not just about broadcasting music, it’s about nurturing a cultural movement. From collaborating with local orchestras to hosting live events, the Masters Radio team aspires to transform Loudoun into a thriving hub for music and art. With a growing team and a skyrocketing reach of over 135 million people on social media per month, Masters Radio is poised to make waves in the music industry while staying true to its core values of integrity and inclusivity.

For more information on Masters Radio, visit their website at You can also download their app on your Android and Apple products.