Loudoun Economic Development Launches Needs Assessment for Small and Minority-Owned Businesses


Small businesses are integral parts of their surrounding communities. They are typically owned and operated by individuals who are connected to their communities and often share their culture, whether natural or local, through the goods, services, and customer care they provide. By creating jobs, supporting community events, and giving back to local organizations, small businesses contribute to the economic and social growth of their communities and municipalities.

Loudoun Economic Development recognizes the importance of providing support, visibility, and advocacy for small businesses. We dedicate a portion of our workforce to specifically work with this demographic. Further, we understand that minority-owned small businesses may require additional resources since these entrepreneurs often face inequities regarding income, access to capital, or other systematic issues that may hinder broader opportunities.

To better support small businesses in Loudoun County, we are conducting a short survey for small and minority-owned businesses to assess the needs and priorities of business owners. This information will be used to develop educational opportunities and events while guiding future efforts of the Department.

Please take 5-7 minutes to complete this survey to let us know who you are and what would help your business. We ask that this survey be filled out by the primary owner or with that person in mind. The primary owner is the person responsible for the day-to-day operations of the business and may not be the founder or another owner or partner. If there are multiple owners, please have one owner complete the survey and any additional feedback can be provided at the end of the survey.