Loudoun Heading to Vegas for Manifest 2023!

By January 23, 2023January 25th, 2023Blog, Aviation & Transportation, Logistics

The stakes are high when it comes to logistics expansion. Conducting a thorough market analysis takes time and effort when stepping into unfamiliar territory, especially when you do it on your own. Truck and cargo fleets are expensive, increase capital requirements, and can lead to a dip in revenue if the demand isn’t present. On top of everything, location is key. Knowing regional demands, logistics policies, and existing competition require a systematic understanding of these crucial criteria. Logistics companies already face value chain challenges including inbound/outbound logistics management, business cycles, sales process automation, and procurement, so when the chips are down, expansion can take a company to the crossroads of survival and sustainability.

If you want to retain a competitive edge and take advantage of unique opportunities that exist within the logistics industry, don’t depend on beginner’s luck. As we look to expand the Loudoun logistics industry footprint, I plan to attend Manifest 2023 in Las Vegas with the hope that I can connect with logistics professionals like you and discuss the reasons why when it comes to identifying premier logistics destinations, you should go all in with Loudoun.

Virginia is the east coast logistics hub of the United States; the industry supports over $350B of Virginia’s Gross State Product annually. Over the past decade, over 200 supply chain companies – including Fortune 500 and major logistics companies – have made their move to Virginia due to the state’s location, infrastructure, successful business climate, educated workforce, and innovative supply chain ecosystem. Loudoun County specifically is home to several of those companies including United Airlines, Amazon, Air Serv Corp, Satair USA, Raytheon, Northrup Grumman, and many others. The County is also home to Dulles International Airport, one of the nation’s leading major cargo airports and is within a couple of hours to some of the nation’s most heavily used trucking thoroughfares (I-95, I-81, I-85, and I-64).

Expansion can be a gamble but when you go all in with Loudoun, you win. You win a strong customer base, an advantageous location, and a solid, competent team of economic development professionals as the Economic Development team at Loudoun County is your resource for all things business.

Place a sure bet on Loudoun and meet me in Vegas. I’m open to chat on LinkedIn or you may call or email me so that we can catch up before, during, or after the conference. See you then!

Brandon Ferris
Brandon Ferris, Business Development Manager, Loudoun County Department of Economic Development