December 13: USTA

By December 13, 2022HC 2022
USTA creates

The United States Tennis Association Mid-Atlantic Section (USTA MAS) is one of the many gifts of Loudoun this holiday season. This is one story in a series of 31 that highlight #LoudounPossible opportunities in the county. Check back every day in December to learn more!

Wellness and Community-Building Through Sport

The United States Tennis Association Mid-Atlantic Section (USTA MAS) announced plans to build a state-of-the-art 36-court tennis campus in Loudoun County, Va., creating an unparalleled hub for year-round community health and wellness through tennis. As planned, the USTA MAS tennis campus will draw local, regional, and national level tennis events and feature daily tennis programming, allowing the nonprofit organization to service the mission of growing the sport and attaining their vision for tennis in every community in the Mid-Atlantic region.

Tennis continues to see strong interest and growth with USTA Mid-Atlantic leading the way to introduce the sport to more people and fortifying a strong tennis community. In the Mid-Atlantic region 1.3 million people report playing tennis, the third highest in participation rate per population in the country1. The region has also seen strong continuous annual growth in tennis participants in the last five years. The USTA Mid-Atlantic tennis campus will harness the energy around the sport and pave the way for more people, those new and seasoned players alike, to easily access tennis and can benefit socially, emotionally, and physically from the sport.

“We have an enormous opportunity to use tennis as a way to impart meaningful change among individuals and communities and introduce the sport to so many more people,” said Tara Fitzpatrick-Navarro, chief executive officer of USTA Mid-Atlantic. “Our community-first approach with our pursuit of the tennis campus will allow us to build something that will be transformative and unmatched in ability to elevate and enhance lives, the community, and the entire Mid-Atlantic region.”

Plans for the USTA MAS tennis campus include 20 outdoor tennis courts, 16 indoor tennis courts, 8 pickleball/youth courts, and more than 190,000 total square feet of tennis infrastructure ample for daily tennis programs and match play, USTA Leagues, events, and community initiatives. USTA MAS intends to provide a robust offering of daily tennis activities and classes, wheelchair and adaptive programs, enrichment programs, and community events for players and fans at every level and ability. Once built, the organization plans to house its operations and headquarters on the campus.