Shop Small for the Holidays in Loudoun

Small Business Saturday is happening just one day after Black Friday on November 26. Since it’s the start of the holiday season, it’s also that time of year when nostalgic tunes are playing in the background of many of our lives. So, while you’re out supporting small businesses this Saturday, here’s a holiday tune you might like that has some great gift ideas, too!

Farms with alpacas and shops making tea
Freshly baked bread and treats made just for me
Special craft classes that aren’t too crowded
These are the ways to shop small around Loudoun

Artisan honey and red and white wine
Pottery making and wreaths just in time
Buying a blanket to get your horse shrouded
These are the ways to shop small around Loudoun

Dancing and singing and seeing a show
Reserving dinner for nights in the snow
So many options, it’s all so well-rounded
These are the ways to shop small around Loudoun

Be sure to check out these local businesses this Small Business Saturday so that you can #TakeLoudounHome for the holidays!

For the Artsy and Crafters

Experiences and Entertainment

Gifts That are a Little…Boozy

Having Fun Outdoors

My Indoor and Garden Life

Hungry or Thirsty?

I Love My Animals!

This is just a small list of the many amazing small businesses located in Loudoun County. Please join us on this Small Business Saturday and every day in shopping local and supporting #LoudounPossible businesses and jobs!