Raheja Family Celebrates TSR Industrial Park and Decades of #LoudounPossible Success

TRS Industrial Park Groundbreaking

“What you see here is a true example of an American dream,” serial Loudoun entrepreneur Sunny Raheja explained at the groundbreaking ceremony for TSR Industrial Park.

“My uncle came here in the 1980s. The rest of my family came in the late 80’s. We started everything from scratch in this country. We are an immigrant family that came here looking to prosper and work hard. We can’t do that without community support. Whole-heartedly, thank you to Loudoun for helping us do that.”

Raheja made his remarks on Tuesday to an intimate gathering at the end of an industrial cul-de-sac, next to his existing VA Car Clinic facilities in Sterling. The site is expected to be tenant-ready by Spring 2023, housing 16 industrial units for local businesses to flourish in Loudoun County, creating diverse job opportunities.

It was a dual celebration for Sunny’s family, which also unveiled a new enterprise with Raheja Construction.

“Today is a big day,” he said with a smile. “We’ve had a lot of projects, but this is a new brand for us. Hopefully, there are many more projects to come in Loudoun.”

Available flex inventory is a competitive market in Loudoun County, supporting everything from dance studios to car repair shops, breweries to green energy providers. It typically features office space in the front for staff and warehouse in the back, creating opportunities for highly specialized manufacturing, retail, shipping and logistics.

“We’re very, very happy to be part of such a large and growing county. TSR Industrial is going to be 16 units and we’ll have about 170 parking spaces, bringing lots more jobs to Loudoun County,” Raheja emphasized. “Special thanks to the Loudoun County Economic Development team and the Chamber of Commerce—this could not have been possible without everyone you see here.”

“This is the kind of product that we need so much here in Loudoun County,” Loudoun Economic Development Executive Director Buddy Rizer said in his remarks. “You think about Loudoun County and the way we’ve grown with the airport, the data centers and the great rural economy. But this kind of flex product is the real base of what makes Loudoun County so successful.

“It gives jobs a place to work. It gives businesses space to grow and find their own way to success. I can’t thank you enough for creating something special for Loudoun.”

Loudoun currently has 1.9% commercial vacancy for flex space and 1.1% for industrial, about half of where numbers stood in July when St. John’s Property broke ground on Ashburn Crossing Phase II.

Nationally, the post-COVID-19 economic has yielded a large spike in interest for flex inventory. Industry leaders have attributed that to “a combination of a short-term tailwind and a very long-term tailwind” for supply.

“I love groundbreakings. In my job, there are a lot of really cool things; a lot of ribbon cuttings, a lot of celebrations. For me, it’s always the groundbreakings that really mean something,” Rizer quipped. “That’s where the investment is really coming in. You guys are coming in, making the investment and really creating something. That all starts by putting a shovel in the ground.”

Before the ceremony and photo op, Raheja introduced each member of his family that were in attendance for the milestone moment. “It is with their blessings that we are here today. I want to thank them for always instilling trust in me.

“Before we do the ceremony, I wanted to say that this is my dad,” he said, placing an arm around his father. “TSR stands for Trilok Singh Raheja. This is for him.”

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