Businesses, Education Institutions, and Regional Partners Create #LoudounPossible Workforce Development

Businesses Education Instituions and Regional Partners Creat Loudoun Possible

Are you familiar with the origins of Workforce Development Professionals Month? Don’t worry, many people are not, so here’s a bit of history for you. The designation was created 16 years ago by the National Association of Workforce Development Professionals to increase awareness about the importance of the workforce professional industry to grow the national economy.

No doubt, since 2005 there have been many changes. But in the past year, there have been colossal, unprecedented changes. We saw unemployment at an all-time high, workers transitioning to full-time remote work, some workers experiencing temporary furloughs, and others suffering the impact of their job permanently eliminated. We also witnessed businesses achieve success: flexibility, creativity, communication, social responsibility and resourcefulness being the trademarks of their achievements.

When I wrote last year’s blog celebrating the Remarkable People, Programs and Resources for National Workforce Development Month, I wondered how long will the pandemic last, what will the future look like for our businesses, will they survive – and what must I do differently to help them? I confess, it was a stressful time. I contemplated how, and what, I would do to build and support the workforce ecosystem for our businesses when so much was unknown. Fortunately, I have dozens of talented, visionary individuals who walk this daily journey with me to learn from, and collaborate with.  What is undeniable, I wouldn’t choose to be in any other role. I was destinated for this opportunity.

During the past year, week after week, I witnessed the extraordinary resilience of our business community with an unmatched determination to serve their employees, their customers and our community.

No one ever said this profession would be easy; but it provides an immense appreciation for the opportunity to be a workforce professional at a time when assisting our business and jobseeker community is absolutely critical to our economic success.

I would be remiss if I did not share a heartfelt thank you to the more than 300 Loudoun businesses who have trusted my expertise and guidance in support of their workforce goals.

To the more than 70 community partners across the region, thank you for providing urgent and timely services and programs when it was most needed.

And to the dozens of educational institutions and systems, and all my go-to partners within those organizations who tirelessly answer my calls and brainstorm solutions, thank you for understanding the urgency and the need to continue to build the talent required for the workforce of today and that of the future.

Thinking of starting or relocating your business in Loudoun County? We are a full-service economic development organization, dedicated to your #LoudounPossible business success. Working with us is like adding a team of no-cost specialists to your team, with expertise in the following areas:

    • Site selection and real estate searches;
    • Workforce development and pipeline support;
    • Process and permit navigation;
    • Fast-track and financial incentives;
    • Marketing and communications outreach;
    • Networking, resource and industry introductions.

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