Now Hiring to Work In Loudoun: Hair Sense, Chantilly


“Hairdressing is not a job, it’s a craft,” her Facebook post reads. “If you’re looking for someone to trust on your hair, we are here to help.”

Meet Pooja Pyakuryal, the co-owner of both HairSense and Pooza’s Eyebrow Threading, woman-owned salons located in the Gum Spring Village Center plaza in Chantilly. She first moved in Stone Ridge in 2014 with her husband Paras; two kids Sahas and Siya; and a trusty dog named Rifle.

“The salon industry is an exciting space. The trade itself gives you instant gratification,” she told the Stone Ridge HOA in February. “The joy you bring your customers keeps you creative and motivated.”

That’s why Pyakuryal is urgently hiring for two eyebrow threader and three hair stylist roles at her salon, and working with Loudoun Economic Development as part of their Work In Loudoun (This Summer) campaign to connect great people with the right jobs.

Pyakuryal knows those people are out there, because that’s where her entrepreneurial journey began in 2017.

Starting her eyebrow threading business with exactly zero customers, she distributed flyers on the street and went door-to-door to spread the word. Her creative approach eventually paid off, to the point where she merged spaces with Hair Sense in 2019 to accommodate more customers.

Pyakuryal and her staff at Hair Sense follow all CDC guidelines.

Her business was thriving when COVID-19 hit in early 2020, and Pyakuryal was forced to cease all operations for three months. During that time, she applied for and received one of Loudoun’s COVID-19 Business Interruption Fund grants, which helped to offset some of her losses and keep the business alive.

“Due to pandemic I am not sure when will we be able to re-open,” she said at the time. “The nature of the service I provide does not allow me to operate under CDC guidelines.”

For anyone unfamiliar with eyebrow threading, it is an ancient method of shaping eyebrows, which has become very popular in the U.S. in recent years. Better for skin than waxing or plucking, it is done by rolling thread across eyebrows or elsewhere on the face.

Traditionally, one end of thread is held in the threader’s mouth to create leverage, while the hands help move the thread back and forth. During COVID-19, the industry underwent change around the globe, as new methods were developed to anchor the thread to the threader.

To remain relevant and viable, this ancient technique has gotten a modern update.

Looking ahead, Pyakuryal remains optimistic about her future as a #LoudounPossible entrepreneur, and looks forward to growing her business while keeping customers safe.

“We have been following all the guidelines laid down by the CDC. Face masks are mandatory and the staff and clients are checked for their temperature. Furniture and equipment are sanitized regularly,” she told the HOA newsletter. “Though we limit the number of people inside the salon, we try to bring cheer and joy to those who visit us.”

To support Pyakuryal and her business, book an appointment with Hair Sense. To work with Pyakuryal and Work In Loudoun (This Summer), please apply online today.

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