Is Your Business Hiring? Get Free Promotion on the Loudoun Jobs Portal

Now Hiring

Calling all Loudoun businesses that are currently hiring or are planning to hire soon: we’re here to help!

With mask mandates and COVID-19 countermeasures relaxing across the country, customers are ready to buy from you. Whatever your business, if are looking employees, Loudoun Economic Development is ready to be a partner in your workforce attraction.

We also understand that COVID-19 has been a major disruption for seasonal and hourly positions, putting a strain on restaurants and farms particularly to find the people they need to meet the renewed demand.

Starting in June, Loudoun Economic Development is kicking off a talent-meets-opportunity campaign designed to capture and promote every available job in Loudoun County. We’re targeting our message of seasonal opportunity to high school and college students, teachers, retirees, career changers, and anyone in search of a side gig.

The campaign is totally free to join, but there are a few easy steps you need to take in order to be displayed on the Loudoun Jobs Portal.

If you don’t yet have a job description written, we’re here to help! You may be out in the field or running operations, so let our team assist with hiring. Workforce Development Manager Nancy Evanko is available to help ensure your jobs are visible to potential job seekers. Click here to email Nancy and get started. This is one of the many no-cost business services our department provides.

The portal does not require that you resubmit your positions if they are already posted elsewhere; instead, it automatically scours the web across thousands of websites to find job postings that are geo-located in Loudoun. Here’s how you can post your job to guarantee it shows up in our results:

Step 1: Check for Your Organization’s Openings in the Loudoun Jobs Portal

Have you already updated your website’s careers page or added your open positions to an online jobs board? The Loudoun Jobs Portal pulls from more than 10,000 publicly-facing job boards, so you may already be visible to local jobseekers.

You can confirm your listing with a quick search. Click here to visit the Loudoun Jobs Portal page, type in the name of your business, and then click the red “Search” button. If all of your openings are visible, skip to Step 4.

If your website’s existing job postings are not shown in the Loudoun Jobs Portal, please email Nancy Evanko for assistance.

Step 2: Post Your Job Online

There are many ways to post a job online, including to your website, as long as each position has a unique URL (that is, a separate link for each job posting rather than having all open positions appear on a single webpage as a list). If your website doesn’t have this capability, don’t worry!

In many cases, the easiest way to ensure each of your jobs is searchable online is to post it publicly on a jobs board like, which allows for free posting and paid options to rank higher in their search results.

Watch the short video below for read instructions for posting on Indeed for a quick how-to:

Paying to rank higher is a decision that your business can make based on need, but it won’t affect your ability to show on the Loudoun Jobs Portal.

In addition to Indeed, your business may also consider listing your openings on one of the websites listed below. Please note that some of these require membership to use:

  1. SmartStart
  2. Future Harvest/CASA
  3. Loudoun Chamber of Commerce
  4. JobScore
  5. Virginia Restaurant Lodging Travel & Tourism
  6. Glassdoor
  8. Town of Purcellville Community Jobs

Step 3: Send Your Job Links to

Once your job is posted, please go to the job URL and copy and paste it into an email. Send that email to with the subject line “Work In Loudoun Links.” The Loudoun Economic Development team will work to ensure that your job posting gets indexed and added to the portal. This can take several days, so please be patient!

Once the position is properly indexed, it will show up on search results for, and any changes made to the listing (including its removal) will also be reflected, automatically at the end of each day.

Remember that all job candidates will contact you directly through the website you used to post your job online. The Loudoun Jobs Portal is there to amplify your efforts and help you find the perfect candidate for your positions.

Step 4: Let Us Know How It Goes

Once your position is filled, please remember to take down your listing, so you don’t get unwanted inquiries. Don’t forget to connect with Nancy Evanko and let us know when your position is filled so we can track the effectiveness of the Work In Loudoun promotional campaign.

If you have questions at any stage of the process outlined above, Nancy is here to help! Send an email to for personal assistance.