Loudoun Restaurants May Now Offer Bar Seating

Bar Seating Update

For the first time in more than a year, Loudoun’s bartenders and baristas can return to serving their guests across the bar.

Yesterday’s amendment to Executive Order 72 from Governor Ralph Northam allows for patrons to be seated at the bar for service, provided there is a minimum of six feet is provided between parties. The change applies to restaurants, dining establishments, food courts, breweries, microbreweries, distilleries, wineries, and tasting rooms.

Some requirements for establishments will continue, including:

  • All parties must be separated by at least six feet, including in the bar area.
  • Tables at which dining parties are seated must be positioned six feet apart from other tables.
  • If tables are not movable, parties must be seated at least six feet apart, including in the bar area.
  • Congregating areas of restaurants must be closed to patrons except for through-traffic.
  • Tabletops must be cleaned in-between patrons.
  • Patrons must wear masks over their nose and mouth, except while eating or drinking.

Even as many COVID-19 restrictions have lifted, bar seating remained off-limits for customers regardless of the space available between other patrons. Increasing vaccination rates are one factor often considered in the Commonwealth’s amendments.

Here in Loudoun, over 91,000 residents are fully vaccinated and more than 174,000 people have received at least their first dose. Everyone ages 16 years and older is now eligible to pre-register for an appointment. Click here for pre-registration instructions from the Loudoun County Health Department.

View the Full Text: EO-72 FIFTH AMENDED and Order of Public Health Emergency Nine Easing of Commonsense Surge Restrictions Due to Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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