Two Loudoun Companies Selected to Participate in Virginia Export Trade Program

Valet Program Companies in Loudoun

The Virginia Economic Development Partnership has announced the acceptance of 12 companies into its two-year Virginia Leaders in Export Trade program, including two from Loudoun County.

The VALET program assists Virginia companies that are committed to international exporting as a growth strategy. To date, 359 Virginia companies have been accepted to participate in the VALET program, with 12 coming from Loudoun County.

“We’re very excited to see more #LoudounPossible companies investing in export opportunities, joining VALET graduates like Stryker (formerly K2M Inc.), Euclid Systems Corporation and NOVA Power Solutions,” Loudoun Economic Development’s Executive Director Buddy Rizer said. “Loudoun is uniquely positioned for foreign trade expansion, thanks to the growth of Dulles International Airport and the Foreign Trade Zone. Exporting is a great way to expand Loudoun’s economy beyond our borders.”

The Loudoun companies joining the VALET program in 2020 are Titan Systems and American Aerospace Technologies.

Titan Systems is a specialized manufacturing company focused on critical infrastructure and leading edge software solutions for clients in the federal government and private sector.

American Aerospace Technologies, a relative newcomer to Loudoun County, provides airborne AI surveillance solutions, with applications for national security, advanced communications, real-time mapping and more.

“American Aerospace has been in Loudoun County for a brief period, but during that time, has enjoyed support from the county as we continue to grow our capabilities.,” Bob Lee, CFO for American Aerospace, explained. “We look forward to a supportive, long-term relationship with Loudoun County as we expand our research and development, manufacturing and export capabilities in the area.”

Currently, the VALET program has 45 participant companies, including four from Loudoun County. C&A Scientific Company is one such firm, focusing on medical, educational and hobby products in the scientific field.

Sam Xiang, CEO for C&A Scientific, noted Loudoun’s advantages as a key reason to expand exports, saying: “We love being in Loudoun because of the diverse community, close proximity to metro DC, and easy access to air travel through Dulles Airport.”

The VALET program provides participating companies with export planning services and assistance from a team of experienced international service providers to help meet the companies’ international business goals.

“Approximately 95% of all consumers live outside of the United States, but accessing those markets can be complicated, making the VALET program invaluable,” Loudoun Economic Development’s International Business Development Manager Bob McCollar said. “We commend Titan and American Aerospace for joining, and look forward to working with any Loudoun company to expand its international connections.”

The Commonwealth of Virginia exports more than $36 billion in goods and services annually. Exports of Virginia’s products and services to the world are vital to the growth of the Commonwealth, supporting more than 257,000 jobs and generating $2 billion in annual tax revenue.

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