Financial Expert Tom Corley: ‘The Best Time to Forge Habits is When Your Environment Changes’

loudounpossible pod tom corley

loudounpossible pod tom corleyOn the 15th episode of the #LoudounPossible Pod, renowned financial wealth expert Tom Corley joined Loudoun Economic Development Executive Director and podcast host Buddy Rizer to discuss the habits of wealthy people.

Corley has made a name for himself through his Rich Habits Institute and series of best-selling and award-winning books on the habits associated with wealth. He has spent countless hours interviewing self-made millionaires, many of them entrepreneurs, on the habits in common among successful people.

The middle of the COVID-19 global pandemic may seem like a curious time to discuss the habits of wealth building, but Corley explained how this is actually the ideal time to reset, re-focus, and build the habits that will bring you out of the crisis with a game plan.

“The best time to forge habits is when your environment changes. Of all the non-essential workers out there, there’s 100% of them where their environment has now changed. They’re now working in a different environment,” he explained. “The change in environment happens to be one of the shortcuts to habit change.

“This is pretty interesting about habits: habits never die. The neural infrastructure, the synapse, never goes away…You’re going through a habit vacation, in a sense, with this COVID-19. This is a great time, a great opportunity, to change some habits, to forge some rich habits.”

Corley talked extensively about the importance of exercise, which is not necessarily where most minds go for business success. Particularly during a health crisis, however, he pointed out that you can’t make money or run a successful business if you’re in the hospital or home in bed.

With that in mind, Corley recommended an ongoing exercise regimen. This not only makes you feel better, but it also increases your cognitive function by upwards of 20%. Smarter, healthier, wealthier. But you have to start now.

“Those rich habits will stick with you even after this COVID-19 shutdown ends,” he said. “You’ll be able to take them to your new environment and you’ll have a whole new bag of tricks, so to speak.”

Listen to the full #LoudounPossible Pod episode with Tom Corley below: