IT Cadre’s Maria Madigan: ‘It’s Very Important That We Keep Everybody Engaged’

loudounpossible pod maria madigan it cadre

loudounpossible pod maria madigan it cadre

In the 10th episode of the #LoudounPossible Pod, IT Cadre Vice President of Marketing and Community Relations Maria Madigan joined podcast host and Loudoun Economic Development Executive Director Buddy Rizer to talk about how her company has adjusted to the COVID-19 crisis.

The innovation and transformation company was founded in 2001 and celebrated its 19th anniversary during the business shutdown. A desire to celebrate the milestone has also served as an important reminder to stay connected, professionally and personally.

“Our 19th anniversary fell on a Thursday when we had one of these video conferences [with the team]. We did it on Zoom and had a Zoom background challenge, a history of IT Cadre video and a trivia game,” Madigan explained. “We tried to keep it fun, tried to keep connected, not only with your customers, but with your team too.

“It’s very isolating right now. Some people have the support of family around them and friends, but other people don’t. They’re just sort of trapped in their apartment or home, so it’s very important that we keep everybody engaged.”

Much of that preparation took place months ago, as the coronavirus spread around the globe. IT Cadre works with domestic and international customers and had already embraced a remote work model for some of the team.

This experience helped them to map out the pieces needed to transfer seamlessly to full-staff, full-time remote work.

“When the situation first arose and [CEO] Mark [Madigan] saw what was coming down the road, we met as a company and got everyone prepared to work from home at a moment’s notice,” she said. “That involved getting all of your equipment and supplies–if you wanted to bring your monitor or anything else from your workspace–making sure everyone has a secure connection to the office network. That needed to be tested so that we were ready to go at a moment’s notice.

“The other thing is that our teams all needed to get together to discuss how they would deliver to the customers. We have contracts going on and like other companies, you have to deliver. We pride ourselves that we are never late, sometimes early, so it was very important to stay on schedule. Then we had to notify customers.”

Listen to the full #LoudounPossible Pod episode with Maria Madigan:

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