loudoun county jobs portal

Loudoun Economic Development has unveiled a jobs portal that aggregates and filters all positions currently open in Loudoun County. The portal pulls in and de-duplicates listings from more than 10,000 public job boards, providing the comprehensive tool for finding a job in Loudoun County.

The jobs portal is live on Loudoun Economic Development’s COVID-19 response webpage, which has dedicated resources for businesses and workforce, and can be searched at biz.loudoun.gov/loudounjobs.

“Even at a time of unprecedented economic interruption, businesses in Loudoun County are still hiring for mission-critical positions,” Loudoun Economic Development Executive Director Buddy Rizer explained. “Behind every successful business is people making a difference. Our team is dedicated to connecting people with careers, and businesses with the workforce that powers #LoudounPossible success.”

Loudoun Economic Development is at the forefront of workforce development, including hiring the region’s first dedicated workforce analyst in 2018. Despite furloughs, layoffs and business closures due to COVID-19, there are industries like data centers, cybersecurity firms, logistics and agriculture that have seen an uptick in employment.

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Reports for the last 30 days (which don’t reflect the full impact of the coronavirus), have produced 15,793 online job postings in Loudoun, including 584 occupations in 683 locations, encompassing more than 4,600 employers.

Jobseekers using the portal can search by one of four categories: job title, hiring company, job category or certification type. Within the results page, the list of available jobs can be further filtered by location, hiring company and more, as well as sorted by the date of posting.

Businesses do not have to do anything extra in order to be listed, as the portal pulls from most publicly available job advertisements.

Daily updates at midnight provide real-time job data, and positions that are no longer available will be automatically removed from the search results.

For more information and to start your job search in Loudoun County, visit biz.loudoun.gov/loudounjobs.