Aperiomics’ Crystal Icenhour: ‘Economic impact is going to be felt for some time to come’

#LoudounPossible Pod Aperiomics Crystal Icenhour economic impact

#LoudounPossible Pod Aperiomics Crystal Icenhour economic impact

On the second episode of the #LoudounPossible Pod, Dr. Crystal Icenhour, CEO for Aperiomics, took time out of her busy schedule to talk about her company’s innovative response to the coronavirus outbreak.

Aperiomics is a Loudoun-based company that has made great strides in forwarding diagnosis tools in the identification of pathogens. Over the past few weeks, they have shifted operations to creating COVID-19 tests.

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Icenhour is one of the rising stars of American biotechnology. After more than 25 years in medical research and biotech, she was named founding CEO of Aperiomics, a company that harnesses the power of next-generation DNA sequencing to identify any known pathogen (bacteria, virus, fungi or parasite).

Aperiomics is the only company of its kind and scope in the world. Throughout Icenhour’s career, she has demonstrated strong leadership in business and science and has dedicated herself to “bridging the translational gap between these two worlds.”

Icenhour: “This is unprecedented in so many ways”

In her conversation with podcast host and Loudoun Economic Development Executive Director Buddy Rizer, Icenhour explained how an unprecedented outbreak has created an unprecedented economic fallout.

“What really sets this one apart is the speed at which it’s traveling across the world,” she explained. “It’s still unclear exactly what the mortality rate is [because] in different countries, we’re seeing different rates. We’re starting to understanding some of the epidemiological reasons behind that but we still don’t understand the full impact and ramifications.

“Certainly, the populations of people that are at most at-risk for this virus, we want to protect them, with the ways that we shelter in place and not expose them to the virus.

“But that has had a huge, huge economic impact. That economic impact is going to be felt for some time to come.”

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