#LoudounPossible Pod Launches with Sen. Mark Warner Talking Economic Stimulus Package

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Loudoun Economic Development is pleased to debut a whole new mechanism for business storytelling, with our first-ever podcast.

The #LoudounPossible Pod will feature some of the most important headlines of the day and some of the Loudoun personalities that are driving innovation.

“What we’re going to try to do with the #LoudounPossible Pod is to give you the latest information we have,” Executive Director and podcast host Buddy Rizer explained. “More importantly, we want to give you a 10-to-15-minutes, bite-sized interview with a Loudoun business or some other person of import, to give you a perspective of what we’re all going through right now with the coronavirus.”

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Subscribe to the podcast and check back every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for the latest guests and news. Upcoming Loudoun business guests include Justin Li from Qore Performance, Molly Kroiz from Georges Mill Farm, Mary Ellen Taylor from Endless Harvest Farm, and more.

Episode 1: Sen. Mark Warner Talks COVID-19 and Congressional Stimulus Package:

In the debut episode, Senator Mark Warner joined the show in the hours after the U.S. Senate voted 96-0 to approve the largest economic stimulus package in history, which includes major emergency funding for businesses of all sizes.

“The bill is very generous towards businesses under 500 [employees]. It will allow a loan of up to $10 million that will cover, basically on a prorated basis, about a quarter’s worth of payroll and some level of overhead. That loan will be forgivable if you’re able, at the end of the crisis, to bring back all of your employees.”

There are also important details in the stimulus package that will help Loudoun’s workforce: “There is some funding…for people who are furloughed and unemployed to try and get some training during this time.

“Only about 30% of the workforce qualifies for traditional unemployment. Look at the numbers, we have so many workers around Virginia that are independent contractors, gig workers, part-time works. We expanded the unemployment coverage to cover all workers, those independent contractors and freelancers.

“In order to bring people up to sort of full compensation, we added whatever unemployment gives you, plus $600 per week for 16 weeks.”

Get more business-related details from the stimulus package, including loans for medium-sized businesses: