New Tool Showcasing Loudoun’s Available Land for Farming

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With planting season right around the corner, Loudoun Economic Development is incorporating parcels of land zoned for agricultural uses into its Available Land Database for the first time.

This addition to the map is designed to connect farmers looking for land with Loudoun County landowners who are looking to sell or lease land for agricultural production, filling what had been a gap in services.

“We get a lot of calls into our office about folks that have their land in agricultural land use and would like to transition more from one crop to another, and they don’t want to farm it themselves,” explained Rural Business Development Manager Chris Blosser. “We also get a lot of people looking to buy a piece of property and offer a lease for their property to be farmed, and they don’t have interest in being a farmer themselves.”

Before this tool became available, there was no centralized database of available parcels for farming, so farmers would reach out to Economic Development or Loudoun Cooperative Extension, who would work to connect people via newsletter or word of mouth.

This tool presents would-be farmers and landowners with a one-stop, collaborative database to automate that process and get the word out to the community. The tool launched in January and has only a handful of parcels listed for agricultural use.

This is where we need your help:

  • If you are a Loudoun County landowner in western Loudoun looking to put your property into agricultural land use, please email Chris Blosser for more information.
  • If you are a farmer looking for technical information on agriculture, please email Jim Hilleary at Loudoun Cooperative Extension.
  • If your land is already in production and you want to list it for lease or for sale, please fill out the form listed below. Questions? Please contact Real Estate Intelligence Manager Kevin Welch:


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