Advanced Manufacturing: More Than Just 3D Printing

Swanka S. Burnette
Business Development Manager

Ask a friend (or the person next you to) what advanced manufacturing is. Go ahead, I’ll wait. Back? OK.

Their answer likely included “3D printers” and a specific application of the tech, such as 3D printing of artificial limbs, car components or even organs, all of which are decidedly advanced. The tongue-in-cheek title of this piece is not intended to downplay 3D printing and the wonderful and oft-astonishing opportunities the technology represents, now for home use. The point of this piece is to highlight the larger world of advanced manufacturing and industries you might not be aware of. I’m talking about future-leaning, high-value, high-margin, technologically progressive manufacturing that will fundamentally change day-to-day life for you and I. The “do not try at home” stuff. Industries and sub-industries such as robotics, Internet-of-things, AI, machine learning, machine vision, automation, digital manufacturing and augmented reality – industries that thrive in an environment like that of Loudoun County.

You don’t have to take my word for it. Companies such as Opterna, K2M, EIT, L3 Unmanned, K-Form, REHAU, Northrop Grumman Innovation Systems and Arc34 are all advanced manufacturers succeeding and growing in Loudoun.

Here’s a quote from Michael Staples, Chief Administrative Officer at Opterna:

“With ample manufacturing assets, technical human capital and related resources, Loudoun is the ideal location for an advanced technology company of our size. We look forward to continued growth as we expand our presence within this wonderful county, beginning with local manufacturing of our DataOpt product.”

Here’s another from Sam Newberger, CEO, Arc34

“Loudoun County provides a valuable pipeline of talented, creative and highly educated workers.  It’s a great place for us to locate and grow.”

Loudoun is unique. Taken together, our distinctive characteristics create a singular environment. Businesses here enjoy:

During Loudoun Small Business Week 2019, we are calling together manufacturing employees, executives, entrepreneurs and everyone in-between for a meeting of the minds and to discuss the future of manufacturing in Loudoun and beyond. We’ve assembled an expert panel and look forward to you joining us. Loudoun is a great place for an advanced manufacturer to do business, and we want to discuss how we grow and support the Loudoun manufacturing ecosystem.

Follow this link to register and contact me directly to move, grow or expand your business in Loudoun. Your business goals are #LoudounPossible here.

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