What Is Economic Gardening, and How Does It Help Your Business Grow?

Vanessa Wagner
Small Business, Entrepreneurship Manager

The Kauffman Foundation describes the practice of economic gardening as “connecting entrepreneurs to resources, encouraging the development of essential infrastructure, and providing entrepreneurs with needed information.” That’s what Loudoun Small Business Week is all about!

This year, Loudoun Small Business Week is May 6-10. The goal is to help you make decisions to shape your future with new information, skills and networks.

The events scheduled for Loudoun Small Business Week will give you insight on new digital marketing tools, customer discovery, and advice from entrepreneurs who are building successful businesses here in Loudoun County, VA.

The week will kick off with the Loudoun Small Business Conference, hosted by the Small Business Development Center. The keynote and breakout sessions are designed to give you valuable insight into trends affecting today’s small businesses, and to offer tools to help businesses thrive. This full-day event offers exclusive networking opportunities and a wide range of business-critical topics, such as:

  • Creative ways to finance your business,
  • Hiring employees,
  • Sales strategies,
  • Social media,
  • Finding advisors and mentors,
  • Marketing strategies,
  • Ways to grow your business, and much more!

The remainder of Loudoun Small Business Week includes events that are targeted to specific industries, from agriculture to cybersecurity, and from retail to big data in healthcare. Economic Development’s subject-matter experts have planned workshops and panel discussions that speak to unique opportunities in specific industries, and connect founders to experienced professionals.

Loudoun Small Business Week is an example of the commitment of the Loudoun business community and our partners to encourage economic gardening. I invite you to participate in shaping the future of your business by registering today for an event that will help you grow in Loudoun.

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