Loudoun Ranked Virginia’s Healthiest County for Fourth Straight Year

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Brian Tinsman
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Here’s a toast to your health: for the fourth year in a row, Loudoun County was named Virginia’s healthiest county, according to County Rankings and Roadmaps.

The rankings take health outcomes like length of life and quality of life into consideration, along with health factors including behaviors, clinical care, socioeconomic status and physical environment.

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For each of the last four years, Loudoun has led the Commonwealth in quality of life. That includes a range of factors from birthweight to child mortality, mental health to the prevalence of disease.

Loudouners rank second in length of life among Virginians, with a countywide average of 84.3 years (79.4 years for Virginia). The rate of premature death in Loudoun is also nearly half that of the rest of Virginia.

Loudoun ranked fourth in overall health factors, including second each in health behaviors and socioeconomic factors.

Adult smoking, obesity and physical inactivity are all much lower in Loudoun than Virginia’s average. Ninety-nine percent of Loudouners have access to healthy foods, which is a testament to the farmers and food producers in the local economy.

Socioeconomic factors take numbers like high school graduations rate (96 percent), unemployment (less than 3 percent), and median income ($135,842) into consideration. Loudoun has ranked second in this category for five consecutive years.

The annual report is conducted as a joint venture between the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute. Loudoun has never ranked lower than fourth since the study began in 2011.

Social and economic factors are more closely tied to health than immediately meets the eye, according to Dr. Giridhar Mallya, a senior policy officer at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

“Access to doctors is an important component of health, but what has an outside influence are social and economic factors,” he told WTOP. “Things like the proportion of kids graduating from high school, the unemployment rate…we are just seeing more and more research showing how things like income or things like housing can impact people’s health.”

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