14 Things I Love About Loudoun

By February 13, 2019 Blog, Featured

Shannon Wilson
Administrative Manager


As millions of people around the world celebrate St. Valentine’s Day, I would like to share 14 sentiments about one of my true loves: Loudoun County.

1. The people: We have some incredible people here in Loudoun! They come from all walks of life, and many have stayed here to raise their families for generations. We are a growing county with more than 400,000 people, and each has a story to tell.

2. The history: You don’t need to go to Washington, D.C. to feel like you are a part of history. From eastern to western Loudoun, we have plenty of history all around us. Check out this link provided by the National Register of Historic Places.

3. The beauty: Discover the beauty that is Loudoun. Take a day trip to any of our towns and villages to see centuries-old buildings and historic plantation homes with architecture that demands your attention. Step outside the boundaries and you will find that we also offer an abundance of natural beauty with our many parks, farms and hiking trails.

4. The shopping: Are you a mall shopper or a fan of the small boutique? Either way you are in luck! Loudoun provides residents with access to national retailers at the Dulles Town Center and Leesburg Premium Outlet malls and has more small shops/boutiques throughout the county than you could ever hope for.

5. The food: There is an abundance of delicious Loudoun-grown, Loudoun-made products that allow us to have a wonderful variety of farm-to-table restaurant options. Find your favorite on Visit Loudoun’s website by selecting the Farm-to-Table category. To take some of these wonderful products home for yourself, explore our farmers markets and/or become a member of a Loudoun CSA.

6. The mystery: There are many well-kept secrets here in Loudoun. If you happen to see turkeys roaming around a luxurious pen at Morven Park, they could be “Honest” and “Abe.” These two were pardoned by President Obama in 2015. Morven Park has also been home to previous presidentially pardoned turkeys such as “Mac” and “Cheese.”

7. The social activities: Movie theaters, live music venues, ice skating, beautiful breweries, scenic wineries, pubs, equestrian events, family fun farm activities. Need I say more? There are tons of ways to spend time with those you love and also have the opportunity to meet new friends in Loudoun.

8. The artistry: Do you love art in all forms? Loudoun has something for everyone! You can visit museums, pottery shops, art galleries, listen to live music and much more. Take a look at what the Loudoun County Artisan Trail has to offer.

9. The community events: Our community is one of our greatest assets. We have cultural festivals, 4-H fairs, carnivals, fundraisers, parades and quite a few fantastic fireworks displays that bring our community out in droves. To see everyone happy, smiling and enjoying the time they get to spend together makes me proud to be a part of Loudoun.

10. The support: I am always touched by how quickly the residents of Loudoun rally around those in need of their support. There are too many examples to list; however, one that comes to mind is a house fire that happened on Christmas morning. Despite one of their own being injured in the process, our firefighters immediately began a campaign to collect donated toys for the children and local churches as well as the American Red Cross stepped in to make sure the family received the resources they desperately needed. Way to go Loudoun!

11. The education: We have top-notch public schools in Loudoun, serving almost 83,000 students. We also have a higher diversity score than the Virginia average. When you live in Loudoun, you can be certain that your child(ren) will receive the education they need to be successful in their future.

12. The charm: If you are looking for old-school charm, search no more! There are many locations throughout the county that offer just that. Middleburg, Aldie, Waterford, Hamilton, downtown Leesburg are just a few.

13. The animals: Have you ever wondered what it would be like to pet an alpaca, play with a pen full of baby goats or ride a mule? Check out our spring and fall farm tours.

14. The traffic: Yes believe it, or not, I love the traffic in Loudoun because it means that many people see my beautiful county each and every day. While it may only be for a moment, I always hope that something catches their eye to make them fall in love with Loudoun exactly as I have.

I could go on and on about my beloved county, so I hope that I have given you at least a glimpse into the wonder of Loudoun. Whether you come to visit or decide to stay, once you open your heart to Loudoun, you will find that everything is #LoudounPossible.


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