Major Upgrades for Dulles International and Leesburg Executive Airports

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Brian Tinsman
Digital Properties Manager


Loudoun County’s connections to the global economy got stronger this week with announcements from both Washington-Dulles International Airport and Leesburg’s Executive Airport that upgrades are on the way.

Dulles Airport plans to make $60 million in upgrades to C/D Concourse on the terminal. The Washington Business Journal reports that work could begin in Spring 2019 and includes mechanical and electrical upgrades to the terminal’s skylights, boiler, valve pit, hydrant fueling pit, pavement and concrete.

Concourse C/D serves as the hub for United Airlines, which offers daily nonstop service to 30 international and 74 domestic destinations.

“Many of these systems were built over 20, 30 years ago, and we have to find spare parts because the original manufacturers are no longer in business. So we need to kind of replace them with new, modern, high-efficient systems,” Metropolitan Washington Airport Authority’s Moe Wadda, manager of the design department, told the Washington Business Journal.

“You want to make sure your HVAC systems, your heating systems, your electrical systems and primary building functions are all working and can carry on for at least another 10 years. That’s the rationale behind it.”

The construction will be funded by MWAA. The WBJ reports that this is the first major construction on the Dulles terminal since $23 million was invested in 2006.

Meanwhile, the Leesburg Town Council signed off on a lease agreement with the federal government that will allow international flights to land directly at Leesburg Executive Airport.

Planes bound for Leesburg from an international destination used to be routed through another airport in order to pass through U.S. Customs, before continuing on to Leesburg.

Earlier this year, Leesburg reportedly awarded $160,000 to retrofit a portion of the Leesburg Airport terminal for customs usage. Once completed, the customs agency will use on-call personnel based at Dulles Airport to service the station. Construction began in October and is expected to be completed in November.

The new service is expected to attract more than 100 new flights per year and create additional revenue through fueling and other fees.

“Charter aircraft operations at the airport have advocated for this enhanced service as a way to encourage additional higher value flights into and out of Leesburg,” reads a Town of Leesburg staff memo. “Longer distance jet traffic buys more fuel at the airport, resulting in higher fees collected by the town.”

Both of these airport upgrades provide Loudouners and Loudoun County businesses with more opportunities to travel and do business in foreign and domestic locations.

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