Two Loudoun Breweries Open on National Beer Lover’s Day

Brian Tinsman
Digital Properties Manager


Are you a cerevisaphile, or lover of beers? Then September 7 is your day, especially in Loudoun County, which is now home to 32 craft breweries.

Bear Chase Brewing Company in Bluemont and House 6 Brewing Company in Ashburn both held grand opening ceremonies on Friday.

Dynasty Brewing Company, also in Ashburn, had its soft opening in August and will likely hold its own grand opening ceremony early this fall. Other ABC brewery applications in the county are pending.

Loudoun’s 32 breweries, including seven farm breweries, leads all Virginia counties and strengthens a collaborative industry that has shown no signs of saturation.

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When Virginia relaxed regulations on farm breweries in 2014, Loudoun County was the first jurisdiction to incorporate the laws into local legislation. This opened opportunities for farm breweries like Bear Chase to exist.

Farm breweries are yet another business option for landowners in Western Loudoun, who otherwise might be enticed to sell to housing developers. The breweries are a key part of a $1.8 billion tourism industry in Loudoun County, adding to the commercial tax base and providing hundreds of jobs.

Thanks to the malting facility at Vanish Farm Brewery in Lucketts, local brewers can use local hops in their beer, directly supporting local farmers. Breweries also indirectly help other industries, providing Loudoun’s workforce with local entertainment options.

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Breweries are a key part of Loudoun’s Rural Business Strategy, and our team is dedicated to helping brewers navigate the regulatory process before opening.

“The county staff is easily accessible and works with you to make sure you are doing everything right,” said David Hartogs, co-owner of Rocket Frog Brewing, which opened in Sterling this May. “We never felt alone when issues popped up.”

By taking a hands-on approach with business owners, we allow brewers to focus on what they do best: brewing award-winning beer. In turn, cerevisaphiles have a chance to make every day Loudoun Beer Lover’s Day.


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