UAS in the National Airspace: Not ‘If,’ but ‘When’

Swanka Burnette
Business Development Manager


Depending on where you stand in the unmanned community I can almost guarantee you’ve overheard a version of one or all of the following:

  • “We’re at least three years away from true integration.”
  • “It’s the data you get off the drone that matters most, not the drone itself.”
  • “There is so much uncertainty from a regulatory/policy standpoint.”
  • “The counter-UAS community will need to grow in lock-step with the general unmanned industry to address the serious potential for bad actors to use drones for nefarious reasons.”

Here’s the reality about unmanned vehicles technology:

  • The technology exists today and continues to develop.
  • The industry overlays are nearly endless, including package delivery, construction, agriculture, law enforcement/first responder, insurance, photography and more.
  • The FAA is working closely with jurisdictions across the United States to integrate unmanned aircraft into our airspace.

Here’s what experts are saying about unmanned:

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